Sunday, June 24, 2012


Wes Anderson's newest film called Moonrise Kingdom looks amazing!  By far, I've been most impressed with his film The Royal Tenenbaums (Gwyneth was amazeballs in it).  However, his new outing may surpass Tenenbaums...mostly due to the teaming of Bill Murray with Frances McDormand. How can it not be the funniest on-screen duo EVER?  Was Gwyn just too busy to commit to this?  I feel like it would have been THAT much more interesting if she had been included in some way.

Check out the trailer now: (From: YouTube)

There is A LOT to know about Frances McDormand, and I cannot possibly commit that much time to writing her biography here.  So, in order to supply you with some info on this HW staple (remember Burn After Reading?), here is a link to a great post on her that details her work in film and on the stage. No one quite touches her history in the entertainment industry.  One of my favorite films, with Frances starring, is Beyond Rangoon with Patricia Arquette (another fav of mine).  I'll do a post on that film soon!  Here's the link, followed by a pic of Frances and Bill in character for Moonrise:

Frances' Biography (From:

Bill, Frances, Eddie Norton, and BRUCE FRICKIN' WILLIS! (From:

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