Friday, June 22, 2012

Ryan Phillippe's got a new gig...and a bod to die for

amanwithaview Cutie-Patootie of the Day:  June 22, 2012

RP and his eyes...(From:

Seen the movie 54?  How about I Know What You Did Last Summer (the first one)?  Well, Ryan's got a new gig and he's directing as well as starring in it.  I could really care less about the film, except for the fact that the world gets to see more of him.  And by more, I mean MOOOORE.  LOL!

I REEEAAALLLY enjoy him in all the fitness mags.  I have a few of them (Shut up!  Ok. ALL of them).  He was on the cover of Inked not long ago.  Seriously enjoyable read...Oh wait...seriously enjoyable pics.  Can't help it...shirtless pics of Ryan Phillippe are to be admired.  Just are, and that's why there seem to be so very many of them.

Poor Reese...why ever did you give that up?  I would NEVER stop hittin' it...Just sayin'.

Read about his new film here:

RP's new project, and I couldn't be more excited. Hope his shirt goes missing! (From: Dark Horizons)

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