Saturday, June 30, 2012

Jake Shears is UNDER-APPRECIATED, in amanwithaview's opinion! June 30, 2012

Jake is seriously, seriously you-know-what.  (From:
Jake Shears is the lead singer, and obvious HOTTIE, of the Scissor Sisters.  Beyond that, he is a firm believer in sharing his body with the world.  Why not?  I'd do the same if I looked like him and had the celebrity status to do so on such a wide scale.  Plus, the band's creativity and glam-stylings keep me continually interested in what they're going to do next.  His semi-nudity just adds to the fire for me.  :P

He's a bit of revolutionary, as far as being an out-and-proud celebrity.  He doesn't shy away from JUST BEING who he is no matter what he's doing.  He reminds me of Freddie Mercury, in many ways, and he SHOULD HAVE landed the role in the Mercury bio-pic in production very soon.  HW made a HUGE mistake by not casting him.  Of course, they probably cast a straight actor.  Not hating, just wondering why NOT cast an out actor who can directly relate to the material?  Whatevs, HW.

Hey, someone stole his clothes or something...BUMMER! (From
Check out some more on Jake:

I DON'T Tweet Jake, but maybe you can HERE! (Twitter page)

Did they even NEED that other dude on the cover of the GT mag? I think NOT! (From: Towleroad)

News on his new album Magic Hour here!!

For your viewing PLEASURE, one more pic:

Wish I had been there...(From:

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