Monday, June 25, 2012

Just days until Matt "Boner" Bomer strips for us...UNTIL THEN

Due to the overwhelming he is again, in all his shirtless glory (he's even stripping a little bit right here for our eager eyes)

I took this when he got home yesterday... (From:
I can't really explain the effect that Mr. Boner has on people.  Oh wait a sec...


YUP, the pic above is EXACTLY why he has an effect on pretty much everyone.  DAMN IT!  Props to Mr. Boner's Hot Bod.  I give a definitive "SOMETHING"S" up.  AND, only to make matters worse, I read THIS post and have never wanted to be a female extra on a film SO SO SO BADLY:

Female extra gets to lick Bomer in places most of us can only dream of touching..BITCH! (From: Towleroad)

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  1. Your blog is my guilty pleasure. More pics of pantsless magneto please!