Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Sh** Divorcing Straights Say: June 30, 2012

LOL!  Seriously... (From:
Today, while enjoying my STARBUCKS venti iced-coffee, I got an earful!  A divorcing father of however many children went OFF on his soon-be-ex to his lawyer (YES...they met at a coffee shop to discuss this VERY personal matter in public).  This guy was a total A-HOLE!!

Instead of being concerned for the well-being of his children, he was concerned with how much money he was going to have to end up paying to his wife.  OMG, this was disgusting.  He went over ALL of his income, his wife's LIMITED income, and then continued to say how she was hiding money from him and he shouldn't have to give her anything.  As well, he wanted to have full custody...GET THIS...because a while ago his wife didn't pick the kids up from the babysitter until 9:45 at night.  His beef with this?  Because she had no good reason for leaving them there that late.

Yes, Sir!  You should NOT have to, any longer, be responsible for paying for your offspring's food, shelter, and general lives because you're a stingy bastard.  My suggestion?  Use condoms for the rest of your disgusting life please.  Better yet, get a snip and save us the anxiety.  Keep us all from your sins.  YES, I said sins.  Before this "gentleman" met with his lawyer, he was studying his Bible.  Oh yes, christians enjoy fu**ing their families out of money just as much as anyone else.  Praise be to God.

This has been my caffeinated experience of the day....MORE TO COME I'M SURE!

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