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amanwithaview "Oh, Andie!": June 23, 2012

"Oh, Andie," indeed!  Hot, hot, hot! (From:

So, with a bit of review, I am going to begin including some seriously reoccurring posts.  Here is one of the first themes that will appear again and again until I feel that I have updated my life on all things "Oh, Andie."  I seem to have missed a lot going on in Andie MacDowell's career.  Let's all catch up with her, shall we?

Today, I found something ultra interesting by finding a pic of her at the premier of Monte Carlo with her daughters.  It was the headline that caught my interest reading, "MacDowell's daughters have inherited her model looks."  I HAD TO READ IT.  Now you can too, and view the pics of her gorgeous girls:

Oh, Andie...and daughters at the premier of Monte Carlo (From:

It's refreshing to see a HW mother whose daughters appear at their mother's premiers and not in their own mugshots.  Good job, Andie!  Mothering A+!!!!

On a professional note, Andie stars in a film with Chazz Palminteri called mighty fine.  And, as you'll read in this NY Times review, Andie's daughter, Rainey Qualley, co-stars along with her mother.  As well, I was IMPRESSED to read that Janeane Garafalo also appears in this film.  SHI*, now I have to see this immediately!  Read for yourselves below:

Andie, her daughter, AND Janeane? I'm soooo there already! (From: NY Times)

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