Saturday, June 23, 2012

Boys on the Side - The Best Movie You've Probably Never Seen

To be honest...

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I'm surprised that I haven't filled this blog with all the tidbits of news that I know about Drew Barrymore.  I have one post so far regarding her new marital bliss.  She is, perhaps, the most endearing star out there.   She has great business sense, she's survived all the bullshi* of HW, partied with Courtney Love and lived to tell the tale, dated a bunch of HOTTIES, and has proven herself as a powerhouse in film making.

So, it is with great pride that I share the trailer for her film Boys on the Side co-starring Whoopi and Mary Louise Parker.  I have watched this film millions (jesting of course) of times, but it is with fond memories that I recall the first 5 (YES FIVE!!!) times that I saw it in the theatre.  I was in Santa Clara, CA and drove to my fav theatre in San Jose all five times.  I went that many times because the experience of viewing films in California theaters is much like live theater.  People laugh OUT LOUD, aren't afraid to show emotion, CHEER for the great parts, and cry like a river when the film's sad.  And, that is exactly what I did when I watched this film.  Cried like a baby at the end each time.  I'm not afraid to admit that I still get teary-eyed watching it.

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