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Straights and their PREGNANCY announcements...

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All in all, this post will be regarding this HOTTIE known as James Marsden.  Yesterday, the "news" was abuzz that James impregnated his first GF after his divorce.  And, while the sight of more pics of him got me remembering two REALLY good films that he has made, it also got me thinking of these pregnancy announcements.  Some very funny thoughts actually...

It seems to me, lately, I get much more excited to hear of couples adopting children.  It's not only because of the fact that they are providing a home to a child that otherwise wouldn't have had much of a chance at a fulfilled life.  It's more because of the fact that when I hear straight couples announce that they're "having" a baby, the only thing I really hear is, "Hey, y'all.  We fuc*ed and now we're mixing our gene pools."  Mostly, my eyes graze the faces and bodies of the couple, and begin to wonder if this is GOOD news.  Then, I just want to ask whether or not they considered adoption first.  Oh wait...I don't get that far, because I know the answer - they were just horny and the booze made them forget neither of them had protection.

Just saying...

Back to what MATTERS about Mr. Marsden.  He has made two films that I find super interesting.  Have you seen The 24th Hour starring Marsden and Scott Speedman?  If not, and you're gay or an ally with a hunger for REALLY well done storytelling, that shi* immediately.  I won't give away the plot, other than it involves holding James captive for most of the film.  The premise of the film is amazing, and I really want to see the stage play now.

Read more about The 24th Hour here:

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The second film is Heights, which co-stars Glenn Close AND Rufus Wainwright.  Yes, you read right...Wainwright.  And, the results are good..VERY good.  This is a story of secrets, and Marsden's got a good one.

Again, the storytelling, mixed with excellent cinematography, make this film stand out from all the HW (Hollywood) blockbusters that Marsden has been a part of.  Not to say that those weren't thoroughly enjoyable due to his mug being visible throughout, but these two films are a notch above in actually caring about the story being told.

Check our more about Heights at IMDB as well - here:

Oh, has Elizabeth Banks in it as well. Heights details here. (From:

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