Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Presenting Ms. Sandra Bernhard! If you're in Seattle...RUN to her!

The Glorious Sandra!  May I kiss you on the lips, Ms. Sandra? (From:
Beginning tomorrow, Sandra Bernhard (one of my all-time-favorite-women-EVER!) will present her new show Sandrology at The Triple Door in Seattle, WA.  Again, one of the moments that I slap myself in the face and ask myself why I don't have my shi* together enough to get to these events.  I miss everything!

I won't give you a complete biography of Sandra right now.  I will give you the link to her site, and I fully expect you to check her out.  She speaks the truth as it comes to her.  She'll tell you what she thinks, and pretty much what you should think as well.  And, she's not going to apologize for calling you out on your faults.  If you say something idiotic, she will throw it right back at you (with a smile).  I know, I've seen her at it.  There were a few ladies at one of her shows that were taunting her a bit, and she basically stated, "Get the FUC* out," and they did.  I LOVED IT!  She rules any room she's in, and deserves the attention.  She's one of the most intelligent minds working in Hollywood.  I love her for her brains, her brawn, her voice, and her ability to bring it each and every time.  

So, visit her site.  Then, read the LATIMES review of Sandrology!  You won't regret it, and you'll discover more about a very familiar face.

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