Thursday, June 28, 2012

The ORIGINAL Franco makes me think, and at the same time he's still a friggin' HOTTIE

The Hot Franco (From:
James Franco makes me jealous as all HELL!  He has the career that I would LITERALLY kill for.  Okay, maybe not literally, but I would def punch someone in the face.  That I could do.  Really tho...HOW THE HECK does he do it.  I mean, he does pretty much everything there is to do creatively.  Although, the one thing I haven't seen him do is dance professionally. Who knows?  That is probably next on his list.

So, interested as I am I googled his careers and found this list of projects and attempts he has made in all fields possible.  I am so so so so so VERY envious of his life.  He's educated (still going) and successful.  Pretty much my dream BF/husband material here, Ladies and Gentlemen.

WHAT THE F*** DOES HE NOT DO? The Franco just keeps going! (From:

What do you all think about James?  Any thoughts on the talent of the second Franco (his bro) who seemed to ride on his sibling's coattails right into the HW limelight?

And, just so you don't question his title as HOTTIE, here's further proof:

Hot for Gucci... (From:

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