Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"Good Evening, America. I'm NOT Chloe Sevigny." But, it could be...

(From: YouTube)  This is Chloe.  No, this is Drew.  This is Drew AS Chloe.  This is hilarious!

I happened across this discovery last half afternoon as I was purchasing a new James D'Arcy film produced and sponsored by L'Oreal Hair Creme, Cadbury Creme Eggs, and Snoop Doggy Pooh.  I foresaw imagery of walks in the park with Maya Rudolph (sans baby wipes), chit chats with Solange, and cellular telephone messages from Dita Von Teese.  I was wearing impeccable, yet understated, striped, Versace underpanties, Crocs, and a humorous T-shirt on which was printed the letter "T."  Insert laugh here.  Is this thing on?  Tap, tap, tap.

Drew Droege writes and stars in these Chloe Sevigny spoofs.  Or are they actually spoofs?  Seem more like commentaries on Hollywood and taking yourself too seriously as a VIP.  The exposure to things you could never ever need if your life depended on it, and overspending on items that cost more than an entire small nation.  But, that's just me.

THIS is NOT to say that these videos aren't the funniest thing to be seen since your cat decided to chase itself in the mirror for three and a half days straight before she figured out, "Damn! That's me!"  No, this is very humorous and very addictive.  

As well.....there are hints of Chloe there.  Don't believe me?  See for yourself...

(From: YouTube) Chloe on a Spring line.  Fabulous.

Monday, October 8, 2012

amanwithaview Today I'm Listening To: "Take Me Home" by Perfume Genius

(From:  Perfume Genius is pretty darn cute in my book!
Ok. Here's the deal.  Press play on the video below.  Do NOT watch it, but turn away and just LISTEN.  Only after you listen one full time thorough the song should you hit replay and then watch the video.

(From: YouTube)

Why am I making you do this?

Well, I understand that judgment exists in the world.  I would rather you hear TRUE talent before something material takes over your attitude towards the musical genius that you're about to behold with your ears.

Of course, this IS coming from me and I'm utterly IN HEART with this artist (I DON'T JUDGE, unless you're a complete and utter basket case in the first place).  I love the song, the video, his vibe, and basically everything about him.

Why?  Because he's everything other than what society may expect.  So there.

He's reminiscent of an early Chris Isaak, Heather Nova, KD Lang, or anyone with general soul in their delivery.  What are your thoughts on this loverly song and the artist?  I HAVE to find more out there from him.

Cam Gigandet's New Project: "Johnson" - Yes, It's About His Penis. My Life Is Now Complete

(From:  Yes, Cam.  I will go for a dip with you.  Stop begging, please!
I haven't seen much of Cam Gigandet on screen lately.  I will usually refer back to Burlesque, and those amazing screen shots of him wearing only a bag of cookies.  For those needing a refresher course on said scene...

(From:  Cookie...yes, please!  I'll just take the box.
There is news that Cam's newest film will involve him as a man whose penis leaves his body and takes human form.  All in the purpose of teaching him a lesson on his wild ways of womanizing.  Ummm....ok.  Let me process this.  Man loses his penis, and needs to learn to live with his "actual" mind.  Innnnnteresting premise.  Perhaps this means more scenes of Cam in his birthday suit?  I say AWESOME!  Click the link below to read a bit more about the film that is appropriately titled Johnson.

Cam's "Johnson" will soon appear in theaters...Lovely!  (From: DarkHorizons)

There are just too, too, tooooo many nice pics of Cam to NOT share another:

(From:  This pic was taken in my bedroom.  Truly!  Ok, fine.  It's a mental picture, and I'm completely mental. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Zac Efron, you JUST made watching The Paperboy higher on my list of things to do (in the privacy of my own home)

(From:  Well, hello.  Nice to...WOW.
I don't know what else to say.  Click A, Click B, and Repeat.  For hours on end.  Smiles.

The OTHER Matt...Not Bomer this time. MATT DALLAS stole my cookie.

(From:  Buff indeed.  Oh.My.Lanta.  I just lost my sh**. Helllloooo, Matt Dallas.
Before, Kristen Holden-Ried stole my cookie.  And, just now I was sitting with my Oreos and a glass of skim milk, and along comes Matt.  He steals not one, but two of my cookies.  He JUST ate them.  I mean, look at him in the photos above.  He is "like" so happy with himself.  But, after seeing him lying there I was content.  I poured the rest of the bag on him, along with the milk, and ate them off of his bare skin.

I must confess.  I have a hot spot in my heart for Matt Dallas (duh...).  I watched every episode of Kyle XY before the final season.  When they brought in the female version of his character, I lost interest.  Girl, hands off.  He's mine.

Well, I Google him (in the non-perverted sort of way) on a frequent basis.  Ok, fine!  In the perverted sort of way.  His eyes keep me searching for new pictures.  And, I just discovered the trailer for a new film he has coming out, which I will share with you in this post.

For those of you who don't know who I'm talking about (even after the Kyle XY reference), you should Google him yourselves.  He should be much more popular than he is right now.  Just sayin'...

So, I ran across this:
(From: YouTube) Tyler Shields photographing Matt after making him suffer cold showers and a roll in the dirt.  What a bit**!  LOLS

It's kind of HOT hearing Matt using the F Bomb throughout.  And, watching him shiver just made me all tingly inside.  Is that wrong?  That's what cuddling is for, right? 

(From:  So friggin' cute...I can't stand it.
Now that I have exposed you to the hottest Matt (my choice completely), let's compare...Shall we?

(From: Matt Bomer IS pretty adorable!
(From: Yum.  Charlie Sheen is off in a corner, pipe-in-hand screaming "Winner!"
My mind is made up, but BOTH are pretty hot in a "I could never look like that" sort of way.  Here is the trailer for Matt Dallas' new film You, Me and the Circus:

(From: YouTube)  I'd be more excited if I could insert myself in there (in the place of the blonde).  Just sayin'!!!!

Enough already!  I won't be able to sleep tonight!  Goodnight, Matt.  Haha.  

What is a "Kiki?" If the Scissor Sisters are having one, why can't I? HAHA! Let's research and DISCUSS!

(From: YouTube) Scissor Sisters video for Let's Have a Kiki.  Let's...please!

Alright, I heard the song and thought, "WTF is this?"  Really?  I had no clue about what the song was referencing, but I became enthralled with the dance that quickly grabbed onto every gay man, woman, child, dog, ant, etc. that heard/saw the Scissor Sister's video.

Some guy that attends NYU tries his hand at explaining a KIKI, and admits he's lonely.  (From: HuffPost)

So, what is a KIKI?  Well, above is what a HuffPost "journalist" researched (even though he doesn't cite any outside material), but I'm taking it for granted that he's correct and learned on the subject at hand.  Click on the link above to be taken to his article on the subject.  What I gather, from his commentary on the kiki, is that it is a social gathering where friends and acquaintances merely gab.  Gossip, gossip, and more gossip.  Well, if this IS the case, I've been kiki'ing with with best of them for ages.  What a relief that I wasn't being left out of THIS culture! LOLS...

Anyhow, it seems that these kikis are highly relatable.  Everyone, everywhere is taking the song, the choreography, and running with them in their own videos.  And, I CAN'T stop watching ALL of them.  It's the beat, the cliche....Honey, it's the mother trucking drag queens!  Gotta have, gotta have it every day!

See for yourselves:

(From: YouTube) Australia's Gay & Lesbian Mardis Gras have their own kiki

(From: YouTube) No idea who these people are, but they're pretty amusing for taking the SS's video and making one of their own.  Not too shabby!

I kind of want to make my own Kiki video now.  I feel kind of inspired to do something altogether different from the original.  Anyone interested?  Haha...anyhow, let me know if you are!  Love it!

So, from now on if you're bored....grab your pals and have yourselves a mother trucking KIKI!

Sally Field Always Says It Best. You're gay? "And so the fu** what?!?" Love, love, love her.

(From: Sally as Mary Todd Lincoln.  Be serious...this isn't the one with Lincoln hunting vampires or zombies. 
Appearing in the soon-to-be-smash-film-of-the-year Lincoln isn't the only reason to celebrate Sally Field.  She's been entertaining us for decades, but what some of you don't realize is that she's a hundred times more funny, brazen, and ballsy as anyone you could ever know.  Don't believe me?

Click HERE! (From: Advocate) to watch her accept an award from the HRC due to her work for LGBT rights/human rights.

See?  Sally AND Daryl are both at the top of my most-loved celebrity list TODAY!

Her's is my new mantra...."AND SO THE FU** WHAT?"