Saturday, October 6, 2012

Culture I've/You've Missed Out On (Or as Miss Clarkson sings, "Since You've Been Gone," while my ears bleed)

(From:  Rob Wilson is a new "model" on The Price is Right.  His portfolio contains the obligatory "I'm a shirtless cowboy" pic.

I see that the last post I created was on July 25, 2012.  Wow!  I've been ultra-stressed and busy beyond belief.  However, I won't be bitching about it since everything that was keeping me busy is for the greater good in my own life.  Working it to work it later...or something along those lines, even though that makes me sound like a hooker.

That being said...

Let's hit upon what I've missed while my ass has been in class, on the set, nose in adolescent literature, and making money that never seems to be enough:

First and foremost...The Price is Right has selected it's first male model.  Pinkisthenewblog has some photos of the hottie....I googled the best one for you here!  His name's if it matters.  I'd love to overhear his response to the question, "What is it you do again?"  "Well, I am a spokesmodel on The Price is Right, and it's REALLY challenging."  Hahaha  What's his butt, Rob, getting his new gig looking hot on TV.

Romney seemingly has a louder/ruder voice than our President, but did he cheat?  (Come on, he's's all for their greater good, right?) A hankey? Reeeeallly? I don't think so. Cheat sheet!  Cheat sheet!  (From: Towleroad)

Snooki (I HATE even typing that name) spawned something WITHOUT horns after all.  And, I hate to say it, but the kid is adorable.  I wonder how quickly she downs her bottle of vodka after the little one hits the hay for the night?  Pretty damn quickly, I imagine.  Ever the attention-seeker - Snooki shares "personal" baby photos  (From: DailyMail)

Kanye West (who should head South and stay there) has a sex tape.  Why not?  Google it yourself.  I'm not going anywhere near that.  LOLS.

Kate Middleton and the Prince had private time photographed by the paps.  Her female parts were put out there for everyone to see by European media followed by the U.S.  Really, People?  So, so, so rude.  Things I'd never think would happen to this couple.  However, Prince Harry's Vegas pics?  I'll peek at those again.

Reese Witherspoon birthed another baby after unprotected sex.  Wow, her count is getting up there.  Who isn't competing with Saint Angelina "Did Someone Say Baby?"

Mariah Carey has attitude with Nicki M. on American Idol.  WHAT?  That isn't possible!  LOL.  Things that don't surprise me in the least.  Check out Nicki giving Mimi something we all know she deserves...a good earful of what she needed to hear 10 years ago when her ego inflated and overtook her singing career.  I wonder how many times Mariah has made her many employees cry?  Nicki lets Carey have it...there's a video of it out there somewhere. Google it!  (From: Examiner)

Chris Brown had photographed his private parts and released those to the world to view.  Needless to say, he now feels the need to share with us what, and with whom, he uses his penis to do.  Gross.  As if his music wasn't bad enough, now we have to hear about who he's sticking it to (again).  Poor Rihanna.  She sounds like a Smurf singing and speaking, and now she's headed back to an abuser.  Seek help, Honey.  He hit you once, and he'll do it again.  Chris Brown's home video of his seriously deluded love triangle. Can't he just phone a family member instead of exposing us all to his craziness?  (From: Examiner)

That's enough for now.  There's too much culture to catch up on in one post.  This is too crazy for me to consider any longer.  My head may explode from all the important work that these "celebs" are doing for the betterment of society.  Pay attention, Mariah and Chris!

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