Wednesday, July 25, 2012

amanwithaview THIS IS NEWS? July 25, 2012

For those of you living underneath a rock, boulder, mountain, or seashell:

 Who wouldn't want to hit this? (Sheepishly raising both my hands)  (From:
Highest paid actress in HW behaves like the cheapest who** in HW. Nice...  (From: digitalspy)

Sometimes it helps to have an uber-famous parent. Sometimes...  (From: JustJared)

News bulletin:  I am working on this blog post, here at Starbucks (surprise, surprise) sitting near the restrooms, and I AM SHOCKED at how many men go in and exit without washing their hands.  This is disgusting and should provide ALL MEN with proof that door handles in RRs should NEVER be touched with bare hands.  That's why there are paper towels handy and a wastebasket near the door.  Use them wisely!  Barf!

Why do artists NEED to defend their art? It's called art for a reason, People. You go, Girl!  (From: HuffPost)

YES! Let's continue this WINNING streak! Down with the homophobes!  (From: towleroad)

OMFG...another case of unprotected sex (reality TV version). Ewwww.....  (From: pinkisthenewblog)

When will this family learn the meaning of "reality?" Good fu**ing LORD!  (From: HWReporter)

Note:  When having children, teach them to wash hands after using the RR.  We need to resolve this bathroom issue immediately.  :P

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