Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I've Seen Colin Farrell's Sex Tape and I'm NOT Ashamed...Now I'm Gonna See Total Recall!

Damn, Colin!  (From:
Yes!  Yes!  and YES!  Colin is a HOTTIE.  No question about it.  So, yes I will be watching the remake of Total Recall when it opens very soon.  The trailer looks amazeballs, and for once I think I'll enjoy watching Jessica Biel in a film other than Blade: Trinity (she kicked ass in it, AND Ryan Reynolds stole my...heart).
I wasn't sure what to think about this second venture into Sharon Stone's territory.  I mean, come on...she was awesome in the first film.  She was kicking Arnie's butt and L.O.V.I.N.G. it!  So, when I heard about a remake, I was HOPING that she'd cameo.  Who knows?  Maybe it's a surprise?  LOL.  Wishful thinking, I'm sure.

Take a peek at the trailer (From: YouTube), and make sure you go see it.  If only for the fact that Colin may take his shirt off...wishful thinking once again.

Come on, now.  You didn't think I'd forget an even sexier pic, did you (tattoos and all)?

Again, DAMN!  (From:
Are you excited to see the NEW Total Recall?  Your thoughts...

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