Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Andy Griffith Passed Away Today (Sad Face)

Keri and Andy in a very SWEET it and get the reference!  (From:
The celebrity news for today is FILLED with coverage of Griffith's death, and the fact that he was buried very soon after his passing.  I guess, the only thing that I could POSSIBLY add to this is a remembrance of a FANTASTIC performance in one of my favorite movies.

Of course, he will be remembered for the fantastic Andy Griffith Show, but I will remember him most for Waitress.  I will follow this post with another, because Waitress has a story behind it that most of you MAY not know.  More to come on that.

Griffith's character in the film was that of the cafe owner where all of the main characters worked.  He was a gruff man, wanting his orders made and delivered EXACTLY as he said.  Often, his orders were screwed up and his commentary on this were very humorous.  However, the true nature of his character is revealed at the end...which I will NOT reveal in case you have not seen the film (AND YOU WILL).  See for yourself!

So, in remembrance, I feel that we all owe it to Griffith to enjoy one of his finer performances.  Put Waitress on your Netflix, get it anywhere you can, but watch the trailer below (From: YouTube):

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