Saturday, July 14, 2012

amanwithaview THIS IS NEWS? July 14th, 2012

I've been off for a few days dealing with...well, LIFE in general.  Stress gets the better of me sometimes and interrupts my "productivity"(or pr"o"ductivity as they say at my work).  So, let's get caught up on what's making the rounds now in gossip territory, SHALL WE:

JustJared is a great site, but how many times do we need to see this? Come on now..."Hey, Y'all. It's me, skinny Miley, at pilates!:  (From: JustJared)

Comic-Con is taking over the world...and I want to be there! Stars aplenty!   (From: HWReporter)

Isn't this franchise OVER WITH YET? And, WTF is wrong with KL's face in his poster? Just sayin'!  (From: digitalspy)

It's about time! The show was more about getting THEM onto the stage than about the competition anyhow.  (From: omgblog)

OMFG...Miley on another stripper pole on Idol? Say it ain't so HW!  (From: examiner)

Take a look at what KStewart looks like when she rolls out of bed and makes a public appearance. Wow.  (From: celebbuzz)

Can someone explain WHY this Taylor girl is full of $$?  (From: Forbes)

Ms. Bieber likes to kick balls around. Whoopie!!!  (From:

All the gays that made Magic Mike a hit JUST had something in their pants JUMP to attention!  (From: MTV)

This is a headline that made me say "DUH" out loud. Twice...  (From:

Okay, that's enough for this second.  Maybe more to come later!  Because of Comic-Con, there are a lot of LOL-worthy headlines!  PS...when did Comic-Con become just another HW hit-maker?  Some of the stars were promoting material that seems just a bit out of place!  Just sayin'!

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