Thursday, July 5, 2012

amanwithaview Oh, Andie: July 5, 2012

One SEXY mama!  (From:
If there was JUST ONE person that I would want to become instant BFFs with in HW it would be Andie.  I really can't explain why exactly.  She seems down-to-earth, and she is drop dead gorge to boot!  Seriously....LOOK AT THE PHOTO ABOVE!  I'm gay, but "GO, ANDIE!  You are working that DRESS!"

An exciting update for my Andie MacDowell film news!  She is attached to the film Mother's Day, which I had heard about quite a while ago when it was announced as a Susan Sarandon-led drama.

However, this is NOT the only reason to get excited.  SHARON FRACKING STONE has joined the same film!  You heard it right people.  This film is going to kick a**!

No specific deets to report on characters, but this linked post tells a bit about the premise for the film:

Andie, Susan, and Sharon are Mother's...  (From: cinemablend)

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