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amanwithaview asks,"Have you ever?" July 7, 2012

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This COULD be a post that turns perverted really, really quickly.  I will attempt to keep it from doing so.  But, I had something happen to me yesterday that made me gay-gasp, tilt my head, and have YET ANOTHER WTF moment in my life.

I think that I'm a pretty memorable person.  I have opinions and share them.  I laugh a lot.  I have great friends, so that's proof that I'm likable.  However, it seems that, to SOME, I'm completely forgettable.  Insert sad face here.

I received a text, early yesterday morning, with the unfortunate news that I was being dumped via technology.  Yes, that's right.  I was not dating anyone at the time, so you can imagine my confusion.  LOL.

THAT was not the issue.  I've been dumped before, but I usually enjoy the break-up more if I'm actually seeing someone.  The problem is that even after I alerted this person to the fact that they texted the wrong person, they STILL had no idea who I was.

It completely set me off, and I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else.  Have you ever had someone else get a new phone, they lose all their stored numbers, and then you receive texts from them meant for other people?

It's a funny thing to have happen, but at the same time YOU feel like you're forgettable.  I mean, when I get a new phone, I make sure to write down all the digits (along with the associated name of the person) just in case I can't transfer the info cellularly (did I just make that word up, because spell-check recognized it as correct?).

THAT was today's WTF moment....from yesterday.  Your thoughts?

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