Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Debbie Harry! 67? WTF! Blondie on tour with Devo!

67 and STILL a HOTTIE!  (From:
Birthday shout out to Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry!  

Check out this website for Blondie info and the tour dates:

Debbie's HOT NEWS HERE! (From:

There is one thing that I can ALWAYS rely on....each and every one of Blondie's albums will make me want to get up off the couch and bust a move.  I remember being very young, and I would take my older sisters' Blondie albums and put them on the record player and dance around like a kid on way too much caffeine and sugar (which was probably the actual case).

I love that she's still out there making music, making people dance, making people smile, and continuing to make some seriously great indie films.  For those of you that haven't seen her on film, check out her IMDB profile.  You'll be surprised!  Check it out below:

Debbie's film and soundtrack work in HW!  (From: IMDB)

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