Tuesday, July 10, 2012

50 Shades of Grey to get the film treatment..IS this a GOOD thing?

Oooooh...a "grey" tie.  Wow.  Must be a hot read!  (From:
Everyone everywhere has been talking about which HOTTIE McTottie male celeb should play the lead in the film version of 50 Shades of Grey.  Yes, grey.  Grey is the British spelling of the color, while the lower American-class usually spell it gray.  Hence, a pompous titled sex book getting a pompous styled film.  How many Big O's does it take to get this book made into a film?  Well...look at the sales of the book (bored people are so easily amused) and you'll see it takes A LOT! reported today that the rights have been relinquished and this film is a go! Now, all we have to do is wait and see which TWO movie stars are going to be getting down and dirty in a film based on one of the most poorly written (sorry...what I HAVE HEARD is the most poorly written) "novel" of our time.  I have vowed to NEVER read this.  Don't know why.  Just - why jump on THIS bandwagon?  I haven't even seen or read Hunger Games.  No thank you.  I'll just watch Sliver again...and again...and again.  Have your read that book?  Ira Levin does it MUCH better, and with mystery!  Now THAT'S an erotic thriller!  Plus, the heroine is a cat!  They left that out of the film, but it totally made the book.

Again!  I below about WHICH producers got the rights to the most anticipated adaptation to come:

50 Shades of a movie that will probably suck...more than the heroine in the book. And that's a lot!  (From: darkhorizons)

If this puts it into perspective, I'll tell you a story.  I was getting some cheap groceries at Wally World, and I was checking out their new releases in the film section (right next to the limited books selection), and I overhear a woman asking an employee if he has seen 50 Shades of Grey for sale.  She was desperate for it.  She was shaking, and said that her "book club" was reading it that week, and she HAD to (HAD TO) buy it today!  Needless to say they didn't have it.  I giggled inside, but told her it was in VERY available for purchase at Barnes & Noble (the merchandising for it there is RIDICULOUS and quite sad for those with an appreciation for actual literature).  She actually told me that she NEVER buys books at B&N.  She limits herself to the literature choices at Wally World?  Uh oh, America.

So, will it be Ian?  Will it be Matthew?  Will it be.....MATT BONER?  I mean...Matt Bomer?  YES!  Maybe that Gossip Girl should play Anastasia?  Seriously?  The female is named Anastasia?  OMFG...shoot me now.  I AM NEVER READING THIS "BOOK." EVER!  Major LOLs.

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