Saturday, July 14, 2012

amanwithaview Kristen Holden-Ried stole my cookie! He better give it back...he just ate it.

Kristen right after he stole it...He looks kinda sorry.  I forgave him 'cause he's shirtless and HOT! (From:
Kristen Holden-Ried is not a household name...YET.  Boy is workin' it big time as you can see from his IMDB profile.  Seriously, he is busy, busy, busy.  We can all say, "Can't I'm busy today," but from the looks of his resume he can REALLY use that phrase and mean it.

Maybe you've seen him in something and didn't even know it!  (From: IMDB)

I first fell for him in one of my ALL-TIME fav movies Touch of Pink with Jimi Mistry and Kyle McLachlan.  He was a serious cutie in that film.  Then, I rented the newest Underworld movie and my pants literally fell off when I saw Kristen walk onto my screen as a werewolf.  I had no clue he was in it, but the movie got a million times better when he appeared!

Who wouldn't fall for those EYES!  (From:
This is NOT to say that Kristen (prefer it to Kris as some refer to him) is just something pretty to look at.  He takes his work pretty seriously.  Read this article that gives you a hint at who he is as a HOT daddy and a busy actor:

Some insight into this HOTTIE's life...  (From:

I would TOTALLY let him play his guitar for me.  Just sayin'....DAMN IT!  He's straight?  No worries.  That's what dreaming is for.  LOLs!

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