Sunday, July 1, 2012

Something's up in HW...Emma Stone: Before and After. There's a scary, scary difference.

EStone before some trashy whore got ahold of her and told her to look like everyone else in HW:
And EStone after the whore-endus makeover for her entry into serious actresshood:
Anyone else see something VERY wrong with this? EStone was so funny before, and take a look at the expressions on her face in the pics.  It's vacant and depressing.  She's dating the new Spiderman for God's sake.  Elation should be pretty visible...unless of course he's a bit boring in bed.

And, did you notice the considerable amount of weight that she's lost?  HW, what the hell is up?  Was that a condition for her being cast in Spiderman?  Sure, we'll give you the role, if you lose a few, get rid of your red hair, and pretty much clone yourself into all the other bimbos walking the red carpet.  Sad.

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  1. Great points. I do love her no matter her state...sell out or otherwise. Though her look has changed, in my humble opinion she's still a "salt of the earth" least based on the little I know about her.