Saturday, July 7, 2012

Today, I'm Listening To...Kate Bush's The Sensual World (Track: Heads We're Dancing)

Kate Bush - The Sensual World

Amazeballs album!  Just sayin'!  It is!  (From:
Okay, so I've been listening to this album ALL WEEK LONG!  My job is really, really boring me and this album gets me through the hours upon hours of nothingness!

If you haven't experienced Bush's sounds and voice, this is the PERFECT album to start with.  She is fully in force here, and she takes you on a wonderful journey.  The girth of the album comes from various perspectives, be it love, beats that make you want to jolt into movement, nature, questionable moments in life, and feelings of longing.  Kate knows how to take pure feeling and transform that into music.  Not many artists can make that transition.  They may think that they do, but they don't.  LOLs.

Take a listen to Head's We're Dancing now (below), then go to the link at amazon (also below) and buy yourself some great mood music:  (Video from, of course)

Buy it HERE!! You will not regret the purchase!  (

My second favorite song from The Sensual World is called The Fog.  Soooo, so good!  Check it out!

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