Sunday, July 8, 2012

When "Celebs" (Using the term VERY loosely here) Behave Badly on Twatter...Only worth a 50 Cent Piece Edition

Tried to find the $$ pic, but found this.  Too good not to share.  (From:

I read this post, and COULDN'T BELIEVE it!  Come on now.  50 Cent behaving badly...on the interwebs?  NO FRACKING WAY!  This man is an angel, and wouldn't possibly use this sort of language.  Especially considering how many super intelligent people follow him on his Twatter, and how could he POSSIBLY one-up the photos of himself sitting at a table with his piles and piles of cash?

You may say, "OH NO HE DIDN'T."  I say, "OH YES HE DID!"

The man who is worth 50 cents says stupid shi*. Shocking.  (From:

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