Saturday, July 7, 2012

One MUST ask, "Does this woman make a living writing posts like this?" Just sayin'!

The "legendary writer," as she refers to herself in Twatterland  (From:
Her name is Effie, and she is a "celebrity relationship expert."  HUH?  I don't see PhD after her name, as in having studied the topic extensively and attained a certain level of knowledge on the mating rituals of the all-too-rich-and-influential celebs of this small, small planet.  But, we should be expected to read her views and take them as though they are coming from someone who knows if these celebs' relationships are going to sink or swim.  THESE are the things that we need to know!

Well, I guess we all know where we are going to go to find out who's going to stay together in HW or who's going to split.  I wonder if she "examined" Tom and Kate's relationship, and what her thoughts were on that at the very beginning.  I wonder is she called the break-up WAY before the actual break-up.  If so, I think we can all find some value in her posts on

In the meantime, take a read at her very thought-provoking post on the sexy Ian Somerhalder and whoever it is that he's having unprotected sex with these days.  Come on....the celebs don't believe in condoms.  "They're for poor people, honey."  LOLs.  Hence, the baby boom in HW.  I digress (once again as I FLEW off topic), in the post below, Effie uses language that I can't even comprehend.  Such as, "Ian and Nina are in CA," and the insightful, "It is unknown if Ian and Nina will reconnect in California but it is likely."  WOW!  She knows her sh**!  I'm hooked.  MAYBE you will be too?  Serious LOLs here.

Effie looks at Ian. Effie examines Ian. I, myself, want to examine Ian. :)  (From: examiner)

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