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Joan and John: Together as always, and it's a good thing!  (From:
Let's talk about Joan!  Yes, she is John Cusack's sister.  Yes, yes, yes she is.  However, she has had her own career since he started his, in fact.  And, she's been nominated for 2 Oscars.  Did you know that?  It's pretty much because she's amazeballs in EVERYTHING that she does.

She has even had her own TV show, What About Joan?, but it unfortunately didn't last all that long...and it wasn't because I didn't fully support her effort to be a television STAR.  But, as HW goes the ratings weren't what the execs wanted, and it quickly disappeared.

My absolute FAV performance of Joan's is, of course, In & Out with Kevin Kline.  "IS EVERYBODY GAY?!"  Her fanaticism with working out, her inability to see the obvious, her comedic timing, and her all-around CUTENESS save the film from absolute shambles.  If it weren't for her running around town in her wedding dress, making audiences roar in laughter, Kevin had no chance of a hit film here.  It was cliche above what is normally considered cliche.  The writers grabbed hold of a "popular" theme...coming out....and ran with it.  Only the story RAN in the wrong direction.  That was UNTIL Joan's character takes over the pages, and Joan took over EVERY single scene that she was in.  Need proof (From: YouTube)?

Now I've discovered that she is on Shameless, and I had a mini-heart attack.  Someone at Starbucks just revived me and asked what happened.  I said, "Joan got work AND I DIDN'T KNOW IT!"  They slapped me, and told me to leave.  JK!  They actually gave me another iced coffee and agreed that JOAN IS FAB!

Anyhow, just wanted you all to know that JC is amazeballs...hope she and John do more films together asap!  Also, if you want to see her in another film (that I give major props to) that she's in with Jessica Lange, then check out Men Don't Leave.  I HIGHLY recommend it!  Trailer from YouTube, of course!

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