Sunday, July 8, 2012

Max Emerson: Addicted to Coffee...Addicted to Male Models

Do I even need to say it?  Non... (
I actually didn't know this HOTTIE existed until I ran across his blog one day.  Max innocently declares "love only" quite often on his blog titled Max's Petting Zoo at  Although, to put it bluntly...he's anything other than innocent.  Or so you can read for yourself on his pretty personal postings.  LOL.  Alliteration is fun.  

Basically, it's Max letting the interwebs know about his life as a model.  He has cute stories, slutty stories, even insider-looks at the modeling biz stories.  It's a perplexing world that he lives in, and he's not afraid to let us take a look at his personality instead of his amazeballs modeling pics.  Both are great for two VERY different reasons.  He's funny, charming, (like I said before) a bit slutty, and blatantly honest.

Click here to see Max's Petting Zoo...

I wouldn't mind petting Max...WOULD YOU?  Your thoughts????

Well...I have a heart on too.  LOLs.  (From:

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