Saturday, July 7, 2012

PH Balance has MORE haters than I thought..TG for those with minds! Links HERE:

Let me preface this post by, once again, stating that PH balance began his career as a hater.  He has made money by bullying other people.  I despise seeing him living a life of luxury based on HOW he made that money, even if he has said he's a changed blogger.

He's not even blogging.  He admits that he has other people doing the torturing now for him.  He just accepts the checks from the advertisements on his site(s).  Yes, he has MULTIPLE.  Basically, he is here now to just make appearances and be financially secure due to the number of clicks onto his site, as well as the clicks on the ads on said site(s).

It may seem like my dislike of him, and my posts here, make me seem a bit like a bully myself.  The point of my posts is to make people aware of how THEY are making it possible for him to continue putting out his posts that put celebs down, generally make people feel like crap, make light of other's losses, and all the while laughing about it all the way to the bank.  It's rather disgusting.

Luckily, NONE of these directly links to PH balance's websites so he can't profit from the traffic!  Lots more out there regarding peeps who think he should just go away.  If NOT ONLY because he feels the need to go out in public looking like this (From:, but also because they agree that the start of his blog was with hurtful intent and remains so as it exists today (even if he says he's on a brighter path).

Umm...alright...go away now
Gotta LOVE this title on I'd love this person, if I knew them.  (From: fu**

Anyhow....WTF is  I guess that I need to up my technology education!  LOLs!

Remember when PH Balance got his face smashed in? I miss those days. He used the "F word" on someone and got a beating.  (From:

PH Balance had a lawsuit against him for soliciting sex tapes from another blogger? Oh, and he doesn't even write MOST of the posts. Hmmm...  (From: gawker)

LOLs! Everyone should just sue his stupid a**  (From:  Lesson = Don't fu** with Angelilna & Brad's jeweler...

Classy, Mario....just classy.  (From:

Uh oh...More bad news for PH Balance.  (From:

I thought this guy DIDN'T like PH Balance, but I guess he does. Video of PH dancing in his shorts. Do NOT view if you've recently eaten...anything.  (From:  Grossness.  Self-absorbed PH balanced acting like an idiot and asking us to appreciated his loss of (conciousness??) weight.

THIS should have A LOT more signatures! I support this AND Obama!  (From:

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