Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ever wonder how Ms. Lopez and Ms. Bieber sound like they can sing? Here's your answer from the NY Times...

J Lo...not J Wow. LOL! (From:
I actually like Jennifer Lopez.  I think that she spent her time in HW, and worked her way into everything that she has today.  Ms. Bieber on the other hand?  I think SHE did nothing for what she has.  And, this article explains it all.  It's actually a very good read, and explains how someone who has zero singing ability can still put out a decent single or two.

This is why The Voice and Idol are a good thing. These contestants need to prove their ability before the album. (From: NY Times)

Kuk seems like he's the hardest working man in the room.  Cheers to the NY Times for stickin' it to the Biebs.  Trust me that the Bieliebers had multiple coronaries after reading this article.  HE CAN SING!  STOP TELLING LIES!  HE GOT ME PREGNANT!  LOL!  JK!

Nice earring Ms. Bieber.  Just sayin'.  (From:
Just thought you would all appreciate hearing about those behind the singing sensations.  Have a good read!

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