Saturday, July 7, 2012

amanwithaview THIS IS NEWS? July 7, 2012

Both sets of Joneses from the play in rehearsal.  (From:
Parker Posey had a GREAT play running and I didn't know about it. Where in the fu** do I live again?  (From: NYTimes)  A great review of The Realistic Joneses, and this post is ACTUAL news.  For reals.  Parker Posey is amazeballs in everything that she does.  Just look at her (above), she's fracking adorable.

Brad Pitt's mommy uses her cross as a dagger...attacks gays and Obama  (From: alaskadispatch) Of all the places in the world that this news could be covered!  LOLs!!

Uh oh, Dr. Drew. I walked by him in HW, but he didn't offer me anything. Bummer.  (From: digitalspy)

OMFG, Fox News. WTF do you consider NEWS? KH and TC get the Fox News treatment.  (From: foxnews)  Duh.

Just Jared gets the NY Times treatment...and it's a glowing review! Great work, Jared!  (From: NYTimes)

Aww...this is sad. I bet Obama will rethink stopping for any more breakfasts on his tour for votes.  (From:

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