Sunday, July 1, 2012

Alec Baldwin got married again...Stephen Baldwin attended and got me thinking WTF happened?

YEARS ago, I hearted (ok...still do) the movie Threesome.  Lara Flynn Boyle is gorgeous, and totally lovable.  Then, there was Stephen Baldwin, the HOTTIE in the movie whom Josh Charles wanted to REALLY get with (closet case).  The premise was amazing as Lara's character had a boy's name and got assigned to live in the same dorm room as Josh and Stephen.  Sexual antics ensued, and Josh was engrossed in getting the attention of Stephen throughout the film.  It really IS an amusing film, and Lara kind of steals the show as the artsy girl with issues.  WHO doesn't know one of those....ahem....

So, I stumble across this pic from Alec's wedding:

Stephen attends the 100th wedding of his more famous brother...  (From:
and...I remember Stephen from Threesome:

Lara, Josh, and Stephen skinny dip for fun, and sexual torment  (From:
I know people have said this before, but "the years have NOT been kind," Stephen.  And, not only to you.  Take a look at William.  Remember him from Sliver with Sharon Stone?  THAT movie was HOT!

William workin' it in the film Sliver...the book is amazeballs btw!  (From:
And here is William today:

Ummm...ok...  (From:
I guess, today's lesson is this.  Alec Baldwin is still rockin' it after all these years.  Whatever he's doing, he should keep doing it and then let his brothers know.  There's Daniel (another brother), but do I need to even bother?  No one knows anything about that one anyhow.  NOT TO BE RUDE.  Just sayin'.

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