Saturday, July 7, 2012

Justin Bieber Dies in Explosive Car Crash...

"Do I look pathetic enough in this iPhone photo? Yes? Send!"  (From:
Well...NOT really.  I was just imagining a different ending to this "NEWS" that broke the other day.  You see, JB was caught speeding.  Oh yes, Ms. Bieber thought that it would be a great idea (since she's filthy rich and oh-so famous) to jet-set her all-too-expensive car down the road at Star Trek speeds.  Oh yes, "she BELIEVES that she can fly."  All the while, frightened for her life as the paparazzis were going to kill her with their deadly, ultraviolet camera flashes.

Unfortunately, Ms. Bieber and her always questionable haircut walked away from the scene perfectly "fined."  There was no crash, no explosions, no bleeding.  One can only dream...Just sayin'.  Read the "news" here:

Bieber escapes with her life...on a segway..MAYBE she'll crash on THAT? Wish, wish, wishful thinking  (From: digitalspy)

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