Saturday, July 14, 2012


More like Project Waste of Time or Project Homophobe.  (From:
So, I went to Redbox and rented this "film" in the hopes of some giggles and general entertainment.  It turned out to be 20 minutes of HELL.  Yes, I stopped watching after that long because I was offended, disgusted, and pretty much SICK after that many minutes.  Whoever, from THE HANGOVER, decided to produce this piece of shi** should be blacklisted.  Within the first 10 minutes, there were at least two EXTREMELY homophobic remarks, and BOTH meant to produce laughter from their straight audiences.  SHAME ON THIS "FILM."

And.....shame on the actor who thought it alright to deliver the lines that were so highly offensive.  One would think a head would tilt when an actor reads his lines and has the thought that they may be offensive.  YET, he decides to go ahead with it.  Why?  He's earning a sh**-load of money for doing so.  Where, then, does the blame lie?  Let's start with the author....or the director...or the producers.  Anyhow, I DAMN the film itself.

If you would like to defend homophobic film making, rent this fu** of a movie.  If you would like to show your LGBTQ friends some compassion, write the producers and tell them to FU** OFF!  Ban this film from your Netflix account, etc.  It's utter and complete SH**.

Nobody can replace the 20 minutes of my life that I wasted on this "project."  Save yourself some agony and don't choose this film.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the fact that this movie treats animals as complete and utter TOYS.  I could hardly watch as a dog was tormented for the amusement of the teenaged IDIOTS who were using it as a source of their entertainment.  The "men" who wrote this SH** should be flogged for extreme stupidity.  PETA should take notice ASAP.

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