Tuesday, July 10, 2012

amanwithaview WISHES I COULD SEE...Alan Cumming in Macbeth

Alan Cumming has wild hair, and I like it.  (From:
So, last night I was texting a friend (Chuck, Chuck, C.H.U.C.K) and we were typing all about theatre.  What did we want to see?  What is playing in NY, London, and basically all the other places that I will never be able to go to any time soon, but Chuck will probably have no issues.  Anyhooooo...I mentioned that I had read about Alan Cumming in his one-man MacBeth.  No biggie...just conversation via text.

This morning, I wake up and start the coffee maker.  Then, click on my radio and a minute later NPR has a seven minute interview with Cumming on Macbeth!  Wasting time in the morning before work has NEVER been more enjoyable!

I'm not going to give away the deets on this show, because you can read (AND HEAR) all about it at this fab NPR link that I am supplying:

Seriously! Listen to the interview. It's fantastic!  (From: NPR)

Cumming REALLY is a tour-de-force, but I will ALWAYS remember him from Circle of Friends.  The same film that brought us Minnie, Minnie, Minnie Driver (Ab Fab reference there, in case you didn't catch it).  Minnie, Minnie, Minn, Minn, Mi... (Trailer posted below from YouTube)

Oh yah, Cumming was in the second X-Men film too....all in blue.  Kick a**!  Oh...(lots of ohs here), and he's a married man (to a man).  Yet another reason for envy.

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