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amanwithaview THIS IS NEWS? July 25, 2012

For those of you living underneath a rock, boulder, mountain, or seashell:

 Who wouldn't want to hit this? (Sheepishly raising both my hands)  (From:
Highest paid actress in HW behaves like the cheapest who** in HW. Nice...  (From: digitalspy)

Sometimes it helps to have an uber-famous parent. Sometimes...  (From: JustJared)

News bulletin:  I am working on this blog post, here at Starbucks (surprise, surprise) sitting near the restrooms, and I AM SHOCKED at how many men go in and exit without washing their hands.  This is disgusting and should provide ALL MEN with proof that door handles in RRs should NEVER be touched with bare hands.  That's why there are paper towels handy and a wastebasket near the door.  Use them wisely!  Barf!

Why do artists NEED to defend their art? It's called art for a reason, People. You go, Girl!  (From: HuffPost)

YES! Let's continue this WINNING streak! Down with the homophobes!  (From: towleroad)

OMFG...another case of unprotected sex (reality TV version). Ewwww.....  (From: pinkisthenewblog)

When will this family learn the meaning of "reality?" Good fu**ing LORD!  (From: HWReporter)

Note:  When having children, teach them to wash hands after using the RR.  We need to resolve this bathroom issue immediately.  :P

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Yet another reason to ADORE Annette Bening...and I JUST discovered it today!

Remember her?  She's amazeballs!  (From:
I feel that I am usually pretty up-to-date on stars and their lives.  However, it seems that Cher's son has taken the full spotlight away from another star's son whose story a lot of people may really want to hear about.

Doing my daily reading online, I discovered this post on Annette's son which is actually quite brave of him.  It's amazing what one person can do to add a little bit of hope to the lives of those who are struggling with their own realizations.

Gives a little insight into why Annette was so passionate about getting The Kids Are All Right made in the first place.  She just jumped up on my list of starts who fascinate and intrigue me.  Mothering done right.  A Million Moms should take a hint at how to raise children correctly.  AND it ain't by starting online protests.

Annette's son, Stephen, sharing a few important statements with his online audience! Brave!  (Linked to OMGBlog)

amanwithaview THIS IS NEWS? July 21, 2012

First of all, let me just say how horrific the event in CO was concerning the shootings at the Batman midnight showing.  It solidifies, and reminds us all, that there are some HUGE nutjobs out there who truly hold no value to human life.  It's so scary and sad, and that's all I'm going to say about THAT.  I AM sending good thoughts and light to the victims and their families.

Let's review what ELSE is happening...a bit more light-heartedly:

I surrender!  I surrender!  To his holy hotness.  (From:
Who DOESN'T need more Skyfall in their lives? View new Daniel Craig HERE!  (From: digitalspy)

I'm more DAMAGED by One Million Idiot Moms boycotting EVERYTHING!  (From:  Someone needs to spank these "mothers."

YES! Season 2 of American Horror Story is going to rock. Clea, Clea, Clea is ON!  (From HWReporter)

Go BOSTON! Tell the haters where they CAN'T go!  (From: Towleroad)

I was WAITING for someone to write this "story." Surprised it took this long...  (From: nationalledger)

Anyone besides me think that THIS may be a very bad idea? Very bad...  (From: sun-sentinel)

The title "What Does Bieber Smell Like" had me answering before I even read it...LOLs. Sh**  (From:

ANOTHER very bad idea. Very, very, very BAD! So NOT funny.  (From: examiner)

We had some good news, bad news, and funny news today.   Yet, again, there was little out there this week that was at all interesting.  Just pretty tragic and sad.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Say WHAT, Nick Cannon? I mean, who is he?

Mariah Carey wants to get EVEN bigger this year..Nick says he needs..CRAP..she needs hella money to do AI ( 
Mr. Cannon-Carey did a quick interview to talk about...well...his better half.  If that's what you can call it.  Rumor has been going around that Ms. Carey is one of the people American Idol is interested in taking a place a the judging table.  They may need to give her a table of her own...just sayin'.  She needs her "space."

I digress....Mr. Carey took time out of his busy schedule (sorry just had a laughing fit) to talk about how much Ms. Carey will need to get paid to do AI.  LOLa abundant here.  You know he's actually just fishing for the $$ by putting this very news-worthy "interview" out there.  Basically, while feeding their twins two hours before, Mariah and Nick were saying how funny it would be if he opened his annoying mouth in public and said she'd need double whatever J.Lo made to do AI.

You know what's REALLY pathetic?  Ms. Carey, if you're nasty, will PROBABLY get it if she shows interest.  They'll need to do a lot of wider shots on the judges' table to fit her in tho.  Just sayin'.  HEY!  I'm talking about her inflated ego, not the baby weight that doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.  Ooops...sorry.  It's her ego, and the piles of cash she has hidden in her bra...and her pants...and under her hair...and in the baby diapers.  Ooops...sorry.  I'm sure it's all real up in there.  The money, that is.

Click the link below to be taken to the video where Nick speaks sooo eloquently about his wifey's requirements to terrorize our televisions soon:

Nick opens his mouth....and not much of worth comes out of it. Ooops.  (From: pinkisthenewblog)

Lady Gaga Tweets a New Ad for Fame! Seems familiar tho...Just Sayin'

Gaga with men ALL over her!  Love it...but...  (From:
The Gaga has her new perfume debuting, called Fame, and this is the image she Twatted today.  However....

Remember Madonna's Erotica album and Sex book?  ANYTHING look familiar?  Madge took to the pages of her book in the buff, and at the same time released her Erotica video looking like this:

Hmm...looks VERY familiar...  (From:
Sometimes it's SO hard to think of new looks, so why not steal from the woman who has made her career out of changing hers?  The only issue is, Madonna is still rocking it...and a bit better in my little opinion.  I hope Madge gets a few bucks out of the perfume's revenue...just sayin'.

Catwoman...I mean, The Dark Knight Rises Premieres in NYC Tonight! Watch it live!

Selena takes a ride on Batman's toy...  (From:
The real star of the film, Anne Hathaway is making the walk down the red carpet and you can watch it live at the LATimes website that I have linked below:

Tom Hardy AND Anne? YES! Click here for the LIVE event NOW!!!! (From:

If I were a starlet in HW, this would be THE place to be seen.  I'm anxious to see the fashion commentary tomorrow....perhaps I will share some of the best.  I can only imagine that Anne's gonna kick the carpet's a** JUST as bad as she kicks some baddies' a**es in the film.  And, like I've commented before, I am HOPING upon hope to hear that a whip makes an appearance in the film.  If not, I am going to have some SERIOUS issues with the writers of this film!

Just sayin' that I haven't heard Anne mention a whip in any interview at all.  She has talked about the fight training, but she didn't mention any of the weapons that she would be using in the film.  I don't know why this is so important to me, it JUST IS!  LOLs.  Anne with whip = fabulous time.

Go to the LATimes now to watch the coverage!  Oh, and Tom Hardy is a handsome bloke.  You should probably keep an eye out for him as well.  Ooh la la, Hardy and Hathaway!

amanwithaview Francisco Lachowski: Addicted to Coffee...Addicted to Male Models

Is this pic for clothing, cologne, spray tan???  Who cares!  (From:
This is Fransisco Lachowski, and he is successful and famous enough to have his own .com HERE:

So, you can pretty much see tons of pics there.  He seems to do A LOT of catwalk work, but I think he should def be doing more print work.  Hell, get this boy a film deal ASAP.  I'd buy the dvd.  For reals.

At least I know THIS one's for jeans?  Possibly?  LOLs.  Hotness rating of 9.5.  (From:
No need to point out that he is totally google-able.  Don't feel too guilty for googling him.  I just spent about 20 minutes "writing" this teeny tiny post.  I'm still flipping through his photos.

Until the next addiction post...

I want that sweater.  Not one like it...I WANT THAT ONE!  (From:

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Today, I'm Listening to...Le Sport "Tell No One About Tonight"

Le Sport - From YouTube

This song is Tell No One About Tonight from their release Euro Deluxe Dance Party (their original EP was released under the name Eurosport).  As far as I know (and I just googled to be sure), the band no longer makes music together, but I HEART this entire album.

Le Sport hailed from Sweden, and leads me to believe that all good things come from Sweden.  Girl with the Dragon Tatoo, Alexander Skarsgard, Alcazar, Noomi Rapace, Lena Olin, and (of course) Fredrik and Orjan.

It was pretty popular, upon it's release.  Particularly interesting is that the songwriter/lead singer feels no need to hide the fact that he's gay.  The songs are from his viewpoint, and they don't shy away from telling it like it is.  Point and match...the song Your Brother is my Only Hope.  And, it seems that he is. Mine as well.  LOLs.

When I have daughters, one of them will be named Noomi.  Why?  Just 'cause. :)

This video is simple, yet really cute.  The eyes have it here as well.  The shots of his amazeballs gaze, and wandering looks make me want to watch it over and over again.  The beats of the entire album remind me of late 80's/early 90's pop due to all the synthesizing.  Not that it's a bad thing.  It really works (past tense is more appropriate now SAD FACE) for Le Sport.  Maybe they'll reunite and make some more music that I can bop around my place to...I NEED inspiration to clean!

You can listen to more of their songs here:

Fredrik & Orjan made beautiful music together... (From:

amanwithaview Sam Way: Addicted to Coffee...Addicted to Male Models

I've never wanted to be in a pair of Diesel underwear so badly.  (From:
Sam Way has been around the modeling world for quite some time, but I'm only recently discovering him.  So, I'm helping everyone else to do the same.

He's pretty much a cutie with a killer smile.  I found him on the following site, with a great interview:

Way too much WAY to be had. Click HERE!  (From:

Sundays seem like a great day to spend searching for my addictions while fulfilling them at my local Starbucks (gotta love iced coffees on a hot day with hot men).  Now, to get one sitting next to me instead of just googling them.

More Way on the way:

(From:  There's a wiki for hunks?  Ok!
Uh, Sir.  Your shirt is unbuttoned.  Don't fix it, K?  (From:
You're welcome, World.  Until the next male model post, this has been your host...amanwithaview.

Talent and beauty - Lucy Liu. Remember her ferociousness in Ally McBeal?

Lucy Liu is aimed at conquering your television sets!  She stars in CBS's Elementary with Johnny Lee Miller, who is mostly known as one of Angelina "did somebody say baby" Jolie's stepping stones to Pittsville.

Liu has been working, working, and working some more over the past years and things aren't slowing down for this leading lady.  She's excelled at action films, and holds her own fighting some of the toughest male action stars.  She also has a wicked sense of humor, and isn't afraid to poke fun at sexiness.  Remember the Charlie's Angels films?  Who wouldn't favor another go with those 3 ladies?  Come on HW!  Perhaps after Drew gives birth?

Take a look here and see what she's been up to in HW...  (From: IMDB)

I am REALLY excited for The Man with the Iron Fists!  Liu will portray Madame Blossom, and I can only imagine the amount of as**es she will kick this go-'round in the Quentin Tarantino-produced film.    I'm not sure if it can top Liu as O-Ren Ishii in Kill Bill: Volume One.

Liu as Blossom!  (From:
compared to:

Liu as O-Ren!  (From:
I really need to re-watch Kill Bill and hear her say, "[Holds up Boss Tanaka's head] Just like this fu**er here. Now if any of you sons of bitches got anything else to say, NOW'S THE FU**ING TIME! [Silence] I didn't think so." (Quote from:

And, in keeping up with Comic-Con, here is a brief interview with Liu and Miller talking about the upcoming Elementary:

A bit of insight from the actors themselves!  (From:

Loads to look forward to in this actor's booming career!  Grrrrllll got it goin' on.

amanwithaview SIGOURNEY WEAVER in Political Animals on USA Network - HEART RACING NOW!!!

Hells to the YES, Sigourney!  (From:
Ms. Weaver has always had me in a trance, ever since Gorillas in the Mist.  That is still a film that I will watch whenever it's on.  She's pretty much amazeballs in whatever she's in.  I am DYING to watch Red Lights when it comes out on dvd.  That's pretty much going to be a MUST BUY!  Let alone that fact that Cillian Murphy is co-starring with her in it.  Too much fun in one film...should be illegal!

Well, Sigourney is coming to the small screen in Political Animals, and this is VERY GREAT NEWS!  If this show isn't successful then there's no justice in American television.  It has the makings for a huge hit, and the story is a very familiar one.

Read all about the show that you should be sure to watch:

Sigourney on your TVs soon!  (From: usanetwork)

Gorgeous woman!  (From:
This has been a VERY busy time for Sigourney.  She has quite a few films coming out soon...both in the theaters and on dvd.  Check the link out may find something to put on your Netflix or a new reason to run to your nearest Redbox:

Girl has been WORKIN' IT lately!   (From: IMDB)

amanwithaview THIS IS NEWS? July 15, 2012

What's being reported today?  Well....let's take a look, shall we?  Some are funny...some are NOT funny at all!

Hey! If she can sue Ms. Bieber for THIS, can't I sue him for deadly exposure? LOL!  (From: examiner)

So, I guess that HW stars think that paying taxes is only for the little people? Naughty, naughty...  (From:

I think these pics of Lucy tell it all....SHE NEEDS HER OWN POST! Coming soon...  (From: HWReporter)

Milla hits Comic-Con, pretty much like EVERYONE ELSE in HW. But, in this case it's a very GOOD thing!  (From: JustJared)

I'm guessing the shooter supports Romney? Just in case you think violence against our LGBTQ community doesn't happen anymore. Shock that it happened in TX OF ALL PLACES. Catch the bastard!  (From: Towleroad)

Ryan, from TB, is starring in a film called Sex and Sunsets. YES, PLEASE!  (From: DarkHorizons)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

My WTF moment of the DAY! Lucy Liu in Elementary...Coming SOON!

Lucy Liu is coming back to the limelight in Elementary at CBS!  I couldn't be MORE excited.  Johnny Lee Miller is Sherlock Holmes in this re-imagining of the classic detective series.  However, this telling takes a VERY decisive twist....aka Lucy.  I AM SOOOOO FRIGGIN' EXCITED!

If you've watched the clip above (FROM: YouTube) you have experienced exactly why.  This looks amazing!  For your information, I am currently watching Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and am FAR from impressed.  But, after viewing this intro clip to the new CBS series, I have something far better to look forward to.

BTW...if you are wondering whether or not to rent the second Richie-directed Holmes movie versus W.E.  You had better rent W.E.  It, by FAR, surpasses in creativity and general storytelling.  Madonna kicked Richie's a** this year.  And, I can see she will continue to do so...

I DIGRESS...Elementary is the one show to watch this season, and I suggest that you do so.  As far as I can tell from the clip above, this show is going to kick some serious a**!  Lucy Liu can do no wrong in my eyes, and this is pure CANDY!  Soooo looking forward to every episode!

She may be in the background, but she will RULE this show!  (From:


More like Project Waste of Time or Project Homophobe.  (From:
So, I went to Redbox and rented this "film" in the hopes of some giggles and general entertainment.  It turned out to be 20 minutes of HELL.  Yes, I stopped watching after that long because I was offended, disgusted, and pretty much SICK after that many minutes.  Whoever, from THE HANGOVER, decided to produce this piece of shi** should be blacklisted.  Within the first 10 minutes, there were at least two EXTREMELY homophobic remarks, and BOTH meant to produce laughter from their straight audiences.  SHAME ON THIS "FILM."

And.....shame on the actor who thought it alright to deliver the lines that were so highly offensive.  One would think a head would tilt when an actor reads his lines and has the thought that they may be offensive.  YET, he decides to go ahead with it.  Why?  He's earning a sh**-load of money for doing so.  Where, then, does the blame lie?  Let's start with the author....or the director...or the producers.  Anyhow, I DAMN the film itself.

If you would like to defend homophobic film making, rent this fu** of a movie.  If you would like to show your LGBTQ friends some compassion, write the producers and tell them to FU** OFF!  Ban this film from your Netflix account, etc.  It's utter and complete SH**.

Nobody can replace the 20 minutes of my life that I wasted on this "project."  Save yourself some agony and don't choose this film.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the fact that this movie treats animals as complete and utter TOYS.  I could hardly watch as a dog was tormented for the amusement of the teenaged IDIOTS who were using it as a source of their entertainment.  The "men" who wrote this SH** should be flogged for extreme stupidity.  PETA should take notice ASAP.

amanwithaview Sean O'Pry: Addicted to Coffee...Addicted to Male Models

Sexy beyotch!  (From:
Okay, I know NOTHING of this model other than the very, very OBVIOUS!  Fun to look at, fun to daydream about.  So, if you want some more of Sean take a look below:

Someone took to tumblr and made it all about Sean O'Pry. It's a good thing!  (From:

I want that shirt!  And, what's in it!  (From:
The "eyes" have it...  (From:

amanwithaview THIS IS NEWS? July 14th, 2012

I've been off for a few days dealing with...well, LIFE in general.  Stress gets the better of me sometimes and interrupts my "productivity"(or pr"o"ductivity as they say at my work).  So, let's get caught up on what's making the rounds now in gossip territory, SHALL WE:

JustJared is a great site, but how many times do we need to see this? Come on now..."Hey, Y'all. It's me, skinny Miley, at pilates!:  (From: JustJared)

Comic-Con is taking over the world...and I want to be there! Stars aplenty!   (From: HWReporter)

Isn't this franchise OVER WITH YET? And, WTF is wrong with KL's face in his poster? Just sayin'!  (From: digitalspy)

It's about time! The show was more about getting THEM onto the stage than about the competition anyhow.  (From: omgblog)

OMFG...Miley on another stripper pole on Idol? Say it ain't so HW!  (From: examiner)

Take a look at what KStewart looks like when she rolls out of bed and makes a public appearance. Wow.  (From: celebbuzz)

Can someone explain WHY this Taylor girl is full of $$?  (From: Forbes)

Ms. Bieber likes to kick balls around. Whoopie!!!  (From:

All the gays that made Magic Mike a hit JUST had something in their pants JUMP to attention!  (From: MTV)

This is a headline that made me say "DUH" out loud. Twice...  (From:

Okay, that's enough for this second.  Maybe more to come later!  Because of Comic-Con, there are a lot of LOL-worthy headlines!  PS...when did Comic-Con become just another HW hit-maker?  Some of the stars were promoting material that seems just a bit out of place!  Just sayin'!

amanwithaview Kristen Holden-Ried stole my cookie! He better give it back...he just ate it.

Kristen right after he stole it...He looks kinda sorry.  I forgave him 'cause he's shirtless and HOT! (From:
Kristen Holden-Ried is not a household name...YET.  Boy is workin' it big time as you can see from his IMDB profile.  Seriously, he is busy, busy, busy.  We can all say, "Can't I'm busy today," but from the looks of his resume he can REALLY use that phrase and mean it.

Maybe you've seen him in something and didn't even know it!  (From: IMDB)

I first fell for him in one of my ALL-TIME fav movies Touch of Pink with Jimi Mistry and Kyle McLachlan.  He was a serious cutie in that film.  Then, I rented the newest Underworld movie and my pants literally fell off when I saw Kristen walk onto my screen as a werewolf.  I had no clue he was in it, but the movie got a million times better when he appeared!

Who wouldn't fall for those EYES!  (From:
This is NOT to say that Kristen (prefer it to Kris as some refer to him) is just something pretty to look at.  He takes his work pretty seriously.  Read this article that gives you a hint at who he is as a HOT daddy and a busy actor:

Some insight into this HOTTIE's life...  (From:

I would TOTALLY let him play his guitar for me.  Just sayin'....DAMN IT!  He's straight?  No worries.  That's what dreaming is for.  LOLs!

Me, B.A./M.A. Response to pompous HuffPostist responding to Madonna's Gang Bang

Girl Gone Wild...with a gun  (From:
Patricia Leavy, PhD says that the public is allowing female artists to get away with more commentary on domestic violence than their male counterparts.  The problem with her argument?  These are women!  The post comes from a woman, supposedly well-educated, but she seems to have forgotten about her own vagina for a moment.  The reason that women are able to take a topic, like domestic violence, and be frank about it in their work is because it empowers them and releases them from the role as victim.

Leave it alone, Leavy! You have no clue what you're talking about.  (From: HuffPost)

I'd like to have sat in on some of her courses and heard this author's commentary within the educational discussions.  It's interesting that she cannot make the distinction that male artists (such as Eminem that she references) are criticized for their inclusion of domestic violence mainly due to the fact that their genre of music is known for emphasizing women as objects and toys for men.  Or for that matter, there was absolutely zero criticism of Tori Amos remaking Eminem's song due to the fact that it was a woman consoling her child for the fact that the man is murdering her.  This woman's PhD came from a cereal box, I'm telling you.

Madonna's song is an empowerment for women.  She's releasing her frustration in her art.  Sure, she's talking about wielding a gun and shooting her man in the head.  HEY!  Haven't we all been there at some point?  Plus, if you actually listen to the lyrics it's a story of how much she loved her husband.  Then, when he decided that their marriage was over, he took some of what she had spent her life working for.  Throughout the song she references her admiration for him even though it turns out she "was just keeping her enemies close."

Eminem = violence and women living in a patriarchal society ruled by dicks
Madonna = a woman's perspective of a man's manipulation and greed

Really what's a woman supposed to do in this situation?  Cry herself to sleep at night?  Come on, Patricia PhD.  Jealous of a woman with some power?  Your PhD didn't buy you any guts did it?

Just turn the song on and enjoy it for what it is...a good beat to bounce to.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

amanwithaview Say What, Anderson Cooper? Part DUH! Kathy Griffin reacts as a TRUE BFF should.

Kathy looking fantastic...AS USUAL!  (From:
So, needless to say.  I HEART Kathy Griffin.  Always have, always will.  Girl tells it like she sees it, and is too cute to boot!  Since Suddenly Susan, with Brooke, she stole my heart.  She was the girl everyone overlooked, but INDEED heard.  I related a bit (growing up), I must admit.

My Life on the D List was the best reality show out there, and unfortunately it is no longer a reality. THANK GOD Bravo is keeping her busy as ALL HELL.  As well, being Anderson Cooper's BFF, she had a bit to say post the whole Anderson Cooper coming out email.

Read here for her reaction:

 Kathy is quite possibly the most WITH IT gay's BFF EVER!  (From:

If you've JUST read that post that is linked then you've realized that Kathy is not only funny, she's also one of the smartest friends that Cooper has.  She says what she wants, and she wanted to keep her friend safe.  I mean, others may not buy it.  But, if you look at the places that Anderson goes, it is true that he could become an easy target.  She is completely correct  And good luck finding anyone else in HW to speak so correctly on the state of foreign affairs concerning LGBTQ safety in foreign territories.

I say, Anderson is so lucky to have a Kathy Griffin in his life and on his side.  I was lucky enough to have two Kathy's on my side.  They know who they are (K & G).  They're just as intelligent and witty as Kathy, and just as loving.  Not to say that I don't have room in my life if Kathy Griffin wanted to call me.  I've got the time if she's got my number. It's ***-***-****. email is attached to this blog.  She'll get ahold of me if she wants to!  I hope she wants to.  I may die though....AFTER my HUGE gay gasp, of course.

50 Shades of Grey to get the film treatment..IS this a GOOD thing?

Oooooh...a "grey" tie.  Wow.  Must be a hot read!  (From:
Everyone everywhere has been talking about which HOTTIE McTottie male celeb should play the lead in the film version of 50 Shades of Grey.  Yes, grey.  Grey is the British spelling of the color, while the lower American-class usually spell it gray.  Hence, a pompous titled sex book getting a pompous styled film.  How many Big O's does it take to get this book made into a film?  Well...look at the sales of the book (bored people are so easily amused) and you'll see it takes A LOT! reported today that the rights have been relinquished and this film is a go! Now, all we have to do is wait and see which TWO movie stars are going to be getting down and dirty in a film based on one of the most poorly written (sorry...what I HAVE HEARD is the most poorly written) "novel" of our time.  I have vowed to NEVER read this.  Don't know why.  Just - why jump on THIS bandwagon?  I haven't even seen or read Hunger Games.  No thank you.  I'll just watch Sliver again...and again...and again.  Have your read that book?  Ira Levin does it MUCH better, and with mystery!  Now THAT'S an erotic thriller!  Plus, the heroine is a cat!  They left that out of the film, but it totally made the book.

Again!  I below about WHICH producers got the rights to the most anticipated adaptation to come:

50 Shades of a movie that will probably suck...more than the heroine in the book. And that's a lot!  (From: darkhorizons)

If this puts it into perspective, I'll tell you a story.  I was getting some cheap groceries at Wally World, and I was checking out their new releases in the film section (right next to the limited books selection), and I overhear a woman asking an employee if he has seen 50 Shades of Grey for sale.  She was desperate for it.  She was shaking, and said that her "book club" was reading it that week, and she HAD to (HAD TO) buy it today!  Needless to say they didn't have it.  I giggled inside, but told her it was in VERY available for purchase at Barnes & Noble (the merchandising for it there is RIDICULOUS and quite sad for those with an appreciation for actual literature).  She actually told me that she NEVER buys books at B&N.  She limits herself to the literature choices at Wally World?  Uh oh, America.

So, will it be Ian?  Will it be Matthew?  Will it be.....MATT BONER?  I mean...Matt Bomer?  YES!  Maybe that Gossip Girl should play Anastasia?  Seriously?  The female is named Anastasia?  OMFG...shoot me now.  I AM NEVER READING THIS "BOOK." EVER!  Major LOLs.

amanwithaview THIS IS NEWS? July 10, 2012

The END?  RIP Chumbawamba.  (From:

I hope THIS retirement sticks. It's time and he's rich enough to do it already!  (From: digitalspy)

Someone earned money writing this? Just sayin'. Katie goes to church.  (From: HuffPost)

New Hobbit poster unveiled...12 LOTR fans spontaneously burst into nothing, 4 others have literal orgasms  (From: darkhorizons)

Millions of teenage girls just broke their parents' eardrums because of this "ONE" Direction pic (NSFW)  (From: OMGblog)

I still have their first album. Chumbawouldacoulda won't have any more hits on Billboard...oh, wait.  (From:

amanwithaview Fabulous Music of the Day - Ridiculous Thoughts by The Cranberries

The Cranberries (From: YouTube)

Another day at work, and more MUSIC to get me through being trapped in a cubicle (as Chuck reminded me...TOO much like Office Space).  Yes, I mentioned Chuck again.  Is there a reason?  Big :).  Biggest...

So, I was flipping songs on my iPod (the cheap one from YEARS ago) and landed on one of the MANY Cranberries albums that I have.  The song Ridiculous Thoughts played, and I hit the back button.  It played again.  I hit the back button.  It played again, my head started bopping a bit, and I hit the back button.  You get the driftwood, right?

Take a listen (and a LOOK) at the cool video The Cranberries released YEARS ago with Elijah Wood in it.  I forgot how coolio it was when it first came out.  Kind of how cool I WAS when I first came out.  LOLs.

You like?  Thoughts????

Dolores is fracking ADORABLE!  (From:

amanwithaview WISHES I COULD SEE...Rupert Everett in The Judas Kiss

Wish I were in his seat, and he was on stage.  Alas...  (From:
Same conversation, same night.  I mentioned that I had ALSO read that Rupert Everett was getting ready to open a play in London.  The Judas Kiss is a play about two very different but monumental days in the life of the fantastic writer, playwright, and overall witty person Oscar Wilde!

Rupert has a knack for taking on Wilde's work on stage and in film.  Everett's even a writer himself, and has (dare I say it) a wicked wit himself, but unlike Wilde he directly names names.  Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.  Everett, as well, is going to be making his debut as a film director by starring in the story of the last day of Wilde's life.  I am super psyched!  Super psyched!  Needless to say EXCITED about all of the above.  Plus, Rupert was and is still a HOTTIE!  To me, at least.  Don't judge...

Playbill's announcement of The Judas Kiss project HERE!  (From:

And, just because I mentioned him as a HOTTIE:

I'm to the right of him on the bed... just sayin'  (From:

amanwithaview WISHES I COULD SEE...Alan Cumming in Macbeth

Alan Cumming has wild hair, and I like it.  (From:
So, last night I was texting a friend (Chuck, Chuck, C.H.U.C.K) and we were typing all about theatre.  What did we want to see?  What is playing in NY, London, and basically all the other places that I will never be able to go to any time soon, but Chuck will probably have no issues.  Anyhooooo...I mentioned that I had read about Alan Cumming in his one-man MacBeth.  No biggie...just conversation via text.

This morning, I wake up and start the coffee maker.  Then, click on my radio and a minute later NPR has a seven minute interview with Cumming on Macbeth!  Wasting time in the morning before work has NEVER been more enjoyable!

I'm not going to give away the deets on this show, because you can read (AND HEAR) all about it at this fab NPR link that I am supplying:

Seriously! Listen to the interview. It's fantastic!  (From: NPR)

Cumming REALLY is a tour-de-force, but I will ALWAYS remember him from Circle of Friends.  The same film that brought us Minnie, Minnie, Minnie Driver (Ab Fab reference there, in case you didn't catch it).  Minnie, Minnie, Minn, Minn, Mi... (Trailer posted below from YouTube)

Oh yah, Cumming was in the second X-Men film too....all in blue.  Kick a**!  Oh...(lots of ohs here), and he's a married man (to a man).  Yet another reason for envy.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

MDNA - The Fashion Edition

YES! YES! and... FU** YES!  (From:
Fab sketch of the tour costume above!  (From:
Alright, alright, alright already!  I may get some serious slack here, but I need to get this off of my chest.  I HEART MADONNA.  Always have, always will.  I'm a homosexual, and we homosexuals love us some Madge.  Lady Gaga has her place, but not in Madonna's space.  Ha!

I had heard that Jean-Paul Gaultier was designing, once more, and even updating the cone-bra for Vogue.  LOVELY!  I got super excited immediately.  She seems to incorporate his designs into a show that always includes a few other designers' work as well.  It all comes together swimmingly!

Check out all of Gaultier's sketches here! Pretty fracking awesome!  (From:

This is why I heart the interwebs.  I CANNOT afford to see this sh** live, so I can get all the updates from other people all over the world.  Then, I WAIT AND WAIT for the tour dvd to come out so I can enjoy the show from the peace and quiet of my own place.  It's cheaper, I can eat food, drink some wine, and even get up and pretend to be a backup dancer.  Yes, I do that from time to time.  Plus, I've discovered that her dvds are really helpful in motivating me to exercise.  For should try it.  The dancers bods are to die for, so it makes me think that someday (if I keep moving) I will look like that too.  Hopefully, before I hit 50...

I digress....back to Madonna's MDNA fashion!

A well-deigned band leader!  (From:
From what I have seen, the show looks amazeballs and I cannot wait to see it all put together (at some point in my boring life).  I always GET REALLY excited to sit down and put the dvd in the player and watch the shows for the very first time.  I think that's the first sign of obsession.  I should see a doc and get some pills.  LOLs.

I don't know what it is about her boots, but they are fantastic.  I think she knows how hot they look, and she has included them in every show I think she has done since the late 80's.  And, the boots pictured above are Miu Miu!

Gaultier also does most of the design for the backup dancers...see the hearts on their butts above?  Hi-fricking-larious, and very playful.  I think Madge has the same on her shorts...but you can't see it here.

There is one costume that I'm NOT sure really works that well on stage as it does in the sketch.  The material just looks kind of baggy and not very fitted.  I get what it was supposed to be, but the outcome was completely different.  Well....we can't ALL be perfect all of the time!  See below:

Better with boot, no?  (From:

Who knows though?  I may LOVE it all when I see the dvd.  Check back with me later and I may be raving about it ALL!

Will we soon know what happened to Amelia Earhart?

Beautiful Amelia... (From:
I heard, recently, that on a remote island there were certain artifacts found that were believed to belong to Amelia.  But, they were only guessing due to the fact that they were feminine products from the 1930's, such as a compact and lotion.  Now, I read on Yahoo News that there is a search being conducted near that island to find the plane that she was flying.

This is pretty exciting!  I mean, who didn't study about Amelia in high school history class?  The mystery behind what actually happened has fueled her status as one of the most celebrated pilots in American history (not merely the most celebrated FEMALE pilots).

I'm anxiously awaiting further news on what, if anything, they discover.  History books may need updating ASAP.

Earhart's missing plane to be found? Read about it HERE!  (From: Yahoo News)

When "Celebs" (Using the term VERY loosely here) Behave Badly on Twatter...Only worth a 50 Cent Piece Edition

Tried to find the $$ pic, but found this.  Too good not to share.  (From:

I read this post, and COULDN'T BELIEVE it!  Come on now.  50 Cent behaving badly...on the interwebs?  NO FRACKING WAY!  This man is an angel, and wouldn't possibly use this sort of language.  Especially considering how many super intelligent people follow him on his Twatter, and how could he POSSIBLY one-up the photos of himself sitting at a table with his piles and piles of cash?

You may say, "OH NO HE DIDN'T."  I say, "OH YES HE DID!"

The man who is worth 50 cents says stupid shi*. Shocking.  (From:

Max Emerson: Addicted to Coffee...Addicted to Male Models

Do I even need to say it?  Non... (
I actually didn't know this HOTTIE existed until I ran across his blog one day.  Max innocently declares "love only" quite often on his blog titled Max's Petting Zoo at  Although, to put it bluntly...he's anything other than innocent.  Or so you can read for yourself on his pretty personal postings.  LOL.  Alliteration is fun.  

Basically, it's Max letting the interwebs know about his life as a model.  He has cute stories, slutty stories, even insider-looks at the modeling biz stories.  It's a perplexing world that he lives in, and he's not afraid to let us take a look at his personality instead of his amazeballs modeling pics.  Both are great for two VERY different reasons.  He's funny, charming, (like I said before) a bit slutty, and blatantly honest.

Click here to see Max's Petting Zoo...

I wouldn't mind petting Max...WOULD YOU?  Your thoughts????

Well...I have a heart on too.  LOLs.  (From:

Saturday, July 7, 2012

amanwithaview THIS IS NEWS? July 7, 2012

Both sets of Joneses from the play in rehearsal.  (From:
Parker Posey had a GREAT play running and I didn't know about it. Where in the fu** do I live again?  (From: NYTimes)  A great review of The Realistic Joneses, and this post is ACTUAL news.  For reals.  Parker Posey is amazeballs in everything that she does.  Just look at her (above), she's fracking adorable.

Brad Pitt's mommy uses her cross as a dagger...attacks gays and Obama  (From: alaskadispatch) Of all the places in the world that this news could be covered!  LOLs!!

Uh oh, Dr. Drew. I walked by him in HW, but he didn't offer me anything. Bummer.  (From: digitalspy)

OMFG, Fox News. WTF do you consider NEWS? KH and TC get the Fox News treatment.  (From: foxnews)  Duh.

Just Jared gets the NY Times treatment...and it's a glowing review! Great work, Jared!  (From: NYTimes)

Aww...this is sad. I bet Obama will rethink stopping for any more breakfasts on his tour for votes.  (From:

Today, I'm Listening To...Kate Bush's The Sensual World (Track: Heads We're Dancing)

Kate Bush - The Sensual World

Amazeballs album!  Just sayin'!  It is!  (From:
Okay, so I've been listening to this album ALL WEEK LONG!  My job is really, really boring me and this album gets me through the hours upon hours of nothingness!

If you haven't experienced Bush's sounds and voice, this is the PERFECT album to start with.  She is fully in force here, and she takes you on a wonderful journey.  The girth of the album comes from various perspectives, be it love, beats that make you want to jolt into movement, nature, questionable moments in life, and feelings of longing.  Kate knows how to take pure feeling and transform that into music.  Not many artists can make that transition.  They may think that they do, but they don't.  LOLs.

Take a listen to Head's We're Dancing now (below), then go to the link at amazon (also below) and buy yourself some great mood music:  (Video from, of course)

Buy it HERE!! You will not regret the purchase!  (

My second favorite song from The Sensual World is called The Fog.  Soooo, so good!  Check it out!

Parker Gregory: Addicted to Coffee...Addicted to Male Models

Parker...YES PLEASE!  (From:
I ventured to my oft-visited website and came across the spread that Parker Gregory just did for GQ Spain.!

It's HOT outside! Click HERE and it the temperature will increase INSIDE as well! (From: acausedesgarcons)

It seems, Parker has done ads for all the big fashion houses as well as A&F.  I'm surprised that I didn't recognize him from all the fashion mags that I've purchased in my very long life.  But, after googling him (and boy did I!!), I see he has been around for quite a while.  Take my advice and use google images to search on your own.  You WON'T regret it, unless you're a lesbian and the male form does NOTHING for you.  However, my lesbian friends seem to ADORE naked men.  See, we all share commonalities - even in the most unlikely places.  :)

Here's another of Parker's images that leaves QUITE the impression (in your pants):

I really want (in) THOSE pants.  (From:
I HIGHLY suggest you visit the link (above) and see the photos from  It seems Parker is a model, actor, and competitive tri-athlete.  Yum-to-the-E!

PH Balance has MORE haters than I thought..TG for those with minds! Links HERE:

Let me preface this post by, once again, stating that PH balance began his career as a hater.  He has made money by bullying other people.  I despise seeing him living a life of luxury based on HOW he made that money, even if he has said he's a changed blogger.

He's not even blogging.  He admits that he has other people doing the torturing now for him.  He just accepts the checks from the advertisements on his site(s).  Yes, he has MULTIPLE.  Basically, he is here now to just make appearances and be financially secure due to the number of clicks onto his site, as well as the clicks on the ads on said site(s).

It may seem like my dislike of him, and my posts here, make me seem a bit like a bully myself.  The point of my posts is to make people aware of how THEY are making it possible for him to continue putting out his posts that put celebs down, generally make people feel like crap, make light of other's losses, and all the while laughing about it all the way to the bank.  It's rather disgusting.

Luckily, NONE of these directly links to PH balance's websites so he can't profit from the traffic!  Lots more out there regarding peeps who think he should just go away.  If NOT ONLY because he feels the need to go out in public looking like this (From:, but also because they agree that the start of his blog was with hurtful intent and remains so as it exists today (even if he says he's on a brighter path).

Umm...alright...go away now
Gotta LOVE this title on I'd love this person, if I knew them.  (From: fu**

Anyhow....WTF is  I guess that I need to up my technology education!  LOLs!

Remember when PH Balance got his face smashed in? I miss those days. He used the "F word" on someone and got a beating.  (From:

PH Balance had a lawsuit against him for soliciting sex tapes from another blogger? Oh, and he doesn't even write MOST of the posts. Hmmm...  (From: gawker)

LOLs! Everyone should just sue his stupid a**  (From:  Lesson = Don't fu** with Angelilna & Brad's jeweler...

Classy, Mario....just classy.  (From:

Uh oh...More bad news for PH Balance.  (From:

I thought this guy DIDN'T like PH Balance, but I guess he does. Video of PH dancing in his shorts. Do NOT view if you've recently eaten...anything.  (From:  Grossness.  Self-absorbed PH balanced acting like an idiot and asking us to appreciated his loss of (conciousness??) weight.

THIS should have A LOT more signatures! I support this AND Obama!  (From:

One MUST ask, "Does this woman make a living writing posts like this?" Just sayin'!

The "legendary writer," as she refers to herself in Twatterland  (From:
Her name is Effie, and she is a "celebrity relationship expert."  HUH?  I don't see PhD after her name, as in having studied the topic extensively and attained a certain level of knowledge on the mating rituals of the all-too-rich-and-influential celebs of this small, small planet.  But, we should be expected to read her views and take them as though they are coming from someone who knows if these celebs' relationships are going to sink or swim.  THESE are the things that we need to know!

Well, I guess we all know where we are going to go to find out who's going to stay together in HW or who's going to split.  I wonder if she "examined" Tom and Kate's relationship, and what her thoughts were on that at the very beginning.  I wonder is she called the break-up WAY before the actual break-up.  If so, I think we can all find some value in her posts on

In the meantime, take a read at her very thought-provoking post on the sexy Ian Somerhalder and whoever it is that he's having unprotected sex with these days.  Come on....the celebs don't believe in condoms.  "They're for poor people, honey."  LOLs.  Hence, the baby boom in HW.  I digress (once again as I FLEW off topic), in the post below, Effie uses language that I can't even comprehend.  Such as, "Ian and Nina are in CA," and the insightful, "It is unknown if Ian and Nina will reconnect in California but it is likely."  WOW!  She knows her sh**!  I'm hooked.  MAYBE you will be too?  Serious LOLs here.

Effie looks at Ian. Effie examines Ian. I, myself, want to examine Ian. :)  (From: examiner)

amanwithaview asks,"Have you ever?" July 7, 2012

Try a pen and paper for God's sake.  (From:

This COULD be a post that turns perverted really, really quickly.  I will attempt to keep it from doing so.  But, I had something happen to me yesterday that made me gay-gasp, tilt my head, and have YET ANOTHER WTF moment in my life.

I think that I'm a pretty memorable person.  I have opinions and share them.  I laugh a lot.  I have great friends, so that's proof that I'm likable.  However, it seems that, to SOME, I'm completely forgettable.  Insert sad face here.

I received a text, early yesterday morning, with the unfortunate news that I was being dumped via technology.  Yes, that's right.  I was not dating anyone at the time, so you can imagine my confusion.  LOL.

THAT was not the issue.  I've been dumped before, but I usually enjoy the break-up more if I'm actually seeing someone.  The problem is that even after I alerted this person to the fact that they texted the wrong person, they STILL had no idea who I was.

It completely set me off, and I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else.  Have you ever had someone else get a new phone, they lose all their stored numbers, and then you receive texts from them meant for other people?

It's a funny thing to have happen, but at the same time YOU feel like you're forgettable.  I mean, when I get a new phone, I make sure to write down all the digits (along with the associated name of the person) just in case I can't transfer the info cellularly (did I just make that word up, because spell-check recognized it as correct?).

THAT was today's WTF moment....from yesterday.  Your thoughts?

Some dude named Frank walks out of his closet, and it makes the news

He kinda looks like Kanye. Like ONE of those wasn't enough in the world.  (From:
Twitter (and basically ALL of HW) was abuzz with the "news" that Frank Ocean came out.  My immediate response was who the fu** is Frank Ocean?  I have yet to remember EVER seeing or hearing of him, but I guess this is some GREAT celebrity news.

I guess, the big deal is that he is in the hippity-hoppity world AND they do NOT like the gays.  Nope, they are pretty much a huge compilation of Black Republicans.  Only, instead of just denying us rights, the hippity-hoppiters would rather see us...well...gone.  As I've oft heard from one "rapper" in particular, his fav phrase to pass around, in order to magically enlarge his little penis, is "no homo."

I digress...back to a frank ocean.  How does an ocean be so frank?  This hippity-hoppity artist declared his first love to be a man.  And, they spent two (not just one) wonderfully, gay summers together.  Go, Frank!  Two whole summers of gay lovin'.  But, my question is...where is your lovin' now?  His coming out almost sounds like, "Well, I was gay for two summers, but..."

Anyhow, read for yourselves and find out just who he is.  I read it, but I still have no idea.  And, I don't really care that much.  I'm glad he came out, but I wonder why HE is such a big deal?  We already have Elton, and THAT ONE never shuts up.  LOLs.  The difference is that Elton has done A LOT more than just come out.  He may have a loud, sometimes obnoxious mouth, but he does SOOOO much good in the community... AIDS fundraising, cash donations (he just grabs some from under his overstuffed mattress or from the cookie jar in the kitch and throws it out his open windows), appearances, singing, over-the-top Oscar parties, kicking homeless youth for get the drift.

MTV reports on a frank ocean...  (From: