Monday, July 16, 2012

Catwoman...I mean, The Dark Knight Rises Premieres in NYC Tonight! Watch it live!

Selena takes a ride on Batman's toy...  (From:
The real star of the film, Anne Hathaway is making the walk down the red carpet and you can watch it live at the LATimes website that I have linked below:

Tom Hardy AND Anne? YES! Click here for the LIVE event NOW!!!! (From:

If I were a starlet in HW, this would be THE place to be seen.  I'm anxious to see the fashion commentary tomorrow....perhaps I will share some of the best.  I can only imagine that Anne's gonna kick the carpet's a** JUST as bad as she kicks some baddies' a**es in the film.  And, like I've commented before, I am HOPING upon hope to hear that a whip makes an appearance in the film.  If not, I am going to have some SERIOUS issues with the writers of this film!

Just sayin' that I haven't heard Anne mention a whip in any interview at all.  She has talked about the fight training, but she didn't mention any of the weapons that she would be using in the film.  I don't know why this is so important to me, it JUST IS!  LOLs.  Anne with whip = fabulous time.

Go to the LATimes now to watch the coverage!  Oh, and Tom Hardy is a handsome bloke.  You should probably keep an eye out for him as well.  Ooh la la, Hardy and Hathaway!

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