Saturday, July 7, 2012

Parker Gregory: Addicted to Coffee...Addicted to Male Models

Parker...YES PLEASE!  (From:
I ventured to my oft-visited website and came across the spread that Parker Gregory just did for GQ Spain.!

It's HOT outside! Click HERE and it the temperature will increase INSIDE as well! (From: acausedesgarcons)

It seems, Parker has done ads for all the big fashion houses as well as A&F.  I'm surprised that I didn't recognize him from all the fashion mags that I've purchased in my very long life.  But, after googling him (and boy did I!!), I see he has been around for quite a while.  Take my advice and use google images to search on your own.  You WON'T regret it, unless you're a lesbian and the male form does NOTHING for you.  However, my lesbian friends seem to ADORE naked men.  See, we all share commonalities - even in the most unlikely places.  :)

Here's another of Parker's images that leaves QUITE the impression (in your pants):

I really want (in) THOSE pants.  (From:
I HIGHLY suggest you visit the link (above) and see the photos from  It seems Parker is a model, actor, and competitive tri-athlete.  Yum-to-the-E!

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