Sunday, July 15, 2012

amanwithaview SIGOURNEY WEAVER in Political Animals on USA Network - HEART RACING NOW!!!

Hells to the YES, Sigourney!  (From:
Ms. Weaver has always had me in a trance, ever since Gorillas in the Mist.  That is still a film that I will watch whenever it's on.  She's pretty much amazeballs in whatever she's in.  I am DYING to watch Red Lights when it comes out on dvd.  That's pretty much going to be a MUST BUY!  Let alone that fact that Cillian Murphy is co-starring with her in it.  Too much fun in one film...should be illegal!

Well, Sigourney is coming to the small screen in Political Animals, and this is VERY GREAT NEWS!  If this show isn't successful then there's no justice in American television.  It has the makings for a huge hit, and the story is a very familiar one.

Read all about the show that you should be sure to watch:

Sigourney on your TVs soon!  (From: usanetwork)

Gorgeous woman!  (From:
This has been a VERY busy time for Sigourney.  She has quite a few films coming out soon...both in the theaters and on dvd.  Check the link out may find something to put on your Netflix or a new reason to run to your nearest Redbox:

Girl has been WORKIN' IT lately!   (From: IMDB)

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