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Need a reason to watch True Blood? It's GOT to be the second Ryan of the day, and it's most definitely Ryan Kwanten!

OMFG there's nothing like it... (From:
So, having gotten through 3 (yes 3) seasons of True Blood, I have yet to continue on.  It's NOT for a lack on interest.  Oh, I'm VERY interested.  I just don't have the time to commit to it.  I do look forward to an entire weekend of catching up with this truly amazeballs show.  It has broken soooo much ground as far as the whole vampire/werewolf scene goes on major TV.  But, my question is, "why so much emphasis on Alexander Skarsgard?"  I mean, HELLO?  Just look at Ryan!

This is my second "RYAN" post of the day, but I thought it to be completely necessary.  I will not type as to why, because I think it more appropriate to just show you...

Who needs a boyfriend when you can just look at this?  (From:
And...he's just as adorable with his clothes on.  God is so unfair to us NOT in HW.

OMG...for the cuteness.  (From:
I guess what I'm saying is this...

What was I saying again?  Two Ryan's, in one friggin' day, and I am exhausted.  My mind is racing.  Good night!

Ryan Reynolds - Is there anything better in the world?

I've never wanted to be a motorcycle MORE in my life:

Just going for a ride... (From:
So, it occurred to me today that Ryan is a HOTTIE, just as I've believed since Blade: Trinity.  Plus, he's got a wicked sense of humor.  That's probably the whipped cream on top of the very SEXY sundae that Mr. Reynolds whips up every day of his life.  Seriously, how does one achieve this extreme amount of hotness?  It's completely unfair, unjust, and IMMENSELY entertaining to behold.

Need proof?  OK...

Can I borrow your axe, Mr. Reynolds?  (From:
Ummm...yah...ok...that's pretty nice.  How about this?

Yes, I would like a walk on the beach...thank you.  (From:
Ok...he's a pretty FINE actor as well.  I do mean F.I.N.E.  I'd watch him on Teletubbies.  I'd watch him on Gossip Girl, and I DON'T watch that.  Hell, I'd watch him blowing bubbles for three hours.  Just sayin'.

Sarah Brightman as Blind Mag in Repo! The Genetic Opera!

Sarah in all of her sexy glory.  (From:
I don't think that many people remember Repo! The Genetic Opera.  It didn't get the widest release, and I admit that I didn't run out the door to the theater for it.  However, the one (and the only) reason that I was remotely interested was that Sarah Brightman was involved.  I've loved her as a singer and performer for ages, and when I heard that she was performing as Blind Mag, I was overjoyed.

I, just today, realized that I need to give this another watch.  Basically, Repo's story revolves around rented organs and the "repo" men who come to collect when the payments stop.  Sarah, of course, has eyes that she's paying for and creates an amazing characterization of a "star" who suffers as much as those that adore her.  And....Paris Hilton is in the film as well.  Not that I'm all that opposed to her appearing in it.

So, if you're a Brightman fan, you should absolutely give this film a chance.  I'm going to give it another one.  See the trailer (From: YouTube) below and get a feel.  Oh, and the guy from Buffy is in it as well.  Props to Buffy fans!

Repo! The Genetic Opera: The Trailer

Friggin' adorable and HOT at the same time!  (From:

Aaron Johnson, from Kick-Ass, is a married father of two? HUH?

Alright, I only knew of him from the film, but then I googled him...OMFG...wha...I can'!

I wondered if this is real...(From:
I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE ANXIOUS FOR A SEQUEL than I am right now.  HW, let's make this happen like tomorrow.  And, please forget shirts in costuming.  Those won't be needed.

Seriously.  Kick-Ass was a pretty kick-ass film and I didn't really think much of this unknown kid who was playing the lead.  Plus, Hit Girl stole the show as she will do in the sequel as well.  However, Aaron has some interesting gigs coming up, so I will give him a chance to show us all what he can do.  Who knows?  Maybe he'll do a psycho-sexual thriller and amuse those who've seen his modeling photos.  Just sayin'...

Hello, Aaaaaaaaaron.  I'm amanwithaview, and it's QUITE the view! (From:

Seen this? Put it on your Netflix IMMEDIATELY!

Playing by Heart starring Angelina, Ryan, Gillian, Sean, Gena, Jon, and many "oldie but goodie" from HW.

Jolie and Phillipe share some interests and cocktails... (From:
This film didn't get much exposure when it came out in theaters, but it deserved much MORE!  It's a gem of a film, with a heart of friggin' gold!  Basically, it's a tale of love, sisterhood, family, and dealing with certain dynamics that can tear relationships apart.  Plus, the eye-candy doesn't hurt!

I cannot tell you how many times I have watched this film, but it somehow always ends up in my DVD player like 2 times a year.  I don't know how that happens?  But, I can tell you that Phillipe is adorable (as always), Jolie is as tender as she's ever been, and Gena Rowlands can do no wrong.

So, if you're bored and need a great film to keep you occupied...choose this one!  Trailer below (From: YouTube):

I was always so jealous that it wasn't my hand up Ryan's shirt on the poster...that should be my next birthday wish.  And the year after, and the year after, and...

My face would be much more serious, Angelina.  Just sayin' (From:

Jake Shears is UNDER-APPRECIATED, in amanwithaview's opinion! June 30, 2012

Jake is seriously, seriously you-know-what.  (From:
Jake Shears is the lead singer, and obvious HOTTIE, of the Scissor Sisters.  Beyond that, he is a firm believer in sharing his body with the world.  Why not?  I'd do the same if I looked like him and had the celebrity status to do so on such a wide scale.  Plus, the band's creativity and glam-stylings keep me continually interested in what they're going to do next.  His semi-nudity just adds to the fire for me.  :P

He's a bit of revolutionary, as far as being an out-and-proud celebrity.  He doesn't shy away from JUST BEING who he is no matter what he's doing.  He reminds me of Freddie Mercury, in many ways, and he SHOULD HAVE landed the role in the Mercury bio-pic in production very soon.  HW made a HUGE mistake by not casting him.  Of course, they probably cast a straight actor.  Not hating, just wondering why NOT cast an out actor who can directly relate to the material?  Whatevs, HW.

Hey, someone stole his clothes or something...BUMMER! (From
Check out some more on Jake:

I DON'T Tweet Jake, but maybe you can HERE! (Twitter page)

Did they even NEED that other dude on the cover of the GT mag? I think NOT! (From: Towleroad)

News on his new album Magic Hour here!!

For your viewing PLEASURE, one more pic:

Wish I had been there...(From:

A Wee Bit Ago...Efron Gave Us a Show the Balcony

Umm...what's under your large towel, Zac? (From:
Anyhow...a long time ago, in a far-away land called Sydney, Australia, Zac Efron decided that it would be a good idea to have his breakfast on his hotel balcony.  Then, after eating, he continued his morning by fondling himself, and then getting ready for a shower, stripping down to his undies.  Only to then have his underpants mysteriously disappear right inside the balcony door.

This was well-publicized a while ago, but I felt then need to have you all exposed to it today.  At first, I felt a bit guilty about viewing these pics.  I mean, Disney tweens love him from High School Musical.  I LOVE him from Scenes From the Hotel Balcony!

Enjoy the sights of "Ooops-I-Dropped-My-Pants-Efron."  :)

Invite me for coffee and toast next time, Zac. Please...  (From:

The Sh** Divorcing Straights Say: June 30, 2012

LOL!  Seriously... (From:
Today, while enjoying my STARBUCKS venti iced-coffee, I got an earful!  A divorcing father of however many children went OFF on his soon-be-ex to his lawyer (YES...they met at a coffee shop to discuss this VERY personal matter in public).  This guy was a total A-HOLE!!

Instead of being concerned for the well-being of his children, he was concerned with how much money he was going to have to end up paying to his wife.  OMG, this was disgusting.  He went over ALL of his income, his wife's LIMITED income, and then continued to say how she was hiding money from him and he shouldn't have to give her anything.  As well, he wanted to have full custody...GET THIS...because a while ago his wife didn't pick the kids up from the babysitter until 9:45 at night.  His beef with this?  Because she had no good reason for leaving them there that late.

Yes, Sir!  You should NOT have to, any longer, be responsible for paying for your offspring's food, shelter, and general lives because you're a stingy bastard.  My suggestion?  Use condoms for the rest of your disgusting life please.  Better yet, get a snip and save us the anxiety.  Keep us all from your sins.  YES, I said sins.  Before this "gentleman" met with his lawyer, he was studying his Bible.  Oh yes, christians enjoy fu**ing their families out of money just as much as anyone else.  Praise be to God.

This has been my caffeinated experience of the day....MORE TO COME I'M SURE!

amanwithaview THIS IS NEWS?: June 30, 2012

Today's HIT LIST for topics that might make you go HMMMM:

I called this one a VERY long time ago..TC and KH are splitzo (From:

This made me say, "Well, DUH!" ALL parents have less time for the nasty.  (From: Towleroad)

Adele and her husband had unprotected sex...Good times (From:

Franco is writing for the HuffPost? WTF? Here he is on Magic Mike! Love it. THIS IS NEWS! (From: HuffPost)

Adam Levine is acting....SERIOUSLY? (From

Lauryn Hill is VERY NAUGHTY and the IRS isn't havin' it  (From:

Gonna hate on Lisa Rinna for what? It DEPENDS, I guess... (From:

amanwithaview SHUE IS A SHOE-IN FOR A REKINDLED CAREER June 30, 2012

Remember Elisabeth Shue?  Aside from Piranah 3D?

Hot Girl, Shue, has Left Las Vegas... (From:
According to IMDB, Elisabeth has snagged some relatively BIG roles coming up.  The most interesting to see will be her role in Hope Springs with Meryl Streep!  Holy crap!  Piranah was good for something, right?  She stepped right back into the casting rooms after that happened.  I am REALLY looking forward to seeing House at the End of the Street now that I know Shue's in it.  Jennifer Lawrence who?  I haven't even seen Hunger Games, and won't be running out the door to do so....unless Elisabeth gets a role in the sequel.  Then, definitely!

If you're unsure of Shue's abilities, see Leaving Las Vegas and it'll change your minds.  Let alone that she ROCKED IT in Adventures in Babysitting (or as I call it...Adventures in Sitting on Babies) a long, long time ago.  Plus, her bro was a total HOTTIE on Melrose Place.  See Andrew Shue below:

Uh...Yummy (From:
So, I guess what I'm saying is that the remainder of 2012, and the entire year of '13 is going to be the year of Elisabeth Shue, and you should all just prepare yourselves.  Or, at least I'm hoping that Shue will break out once more, because HW needs a bit of class mixed in with these tween-gone-HW-Disney-singersgoneacting-flakes like Gomez, Cyrus, Bieber, Swifts...Just sayin'!!!!!

Check out what Elisabeth's got in the works HERE! (From: IMDB)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I want you to think about May in a brand new way. It's not just a month, but a FANTASTIC film as well!

Angela Bettis is a HOT beyotch that will F*** you up! (From:
For YEARS, I have forced friends and new acquaintances to watch the movie May.  It is nothing short of genius.  Lucky, the director, had a vision to make a horror film in the indie genre that not only worked, but it succeeded it's predecessors in thrills, twists, and general WTF moments.

To say I'm a bit obsessed is putting it lightly.  I spent and entire day making May's outfit for Halloween one year, and never felt that I got it right.  But, it was fun feeling like the main character of this film for an entire haunted evening (cooler full of body parts and all).

Each person, that I've mentioned this film to, has LOVED it.  That is why I am confident that if you rent/download/purchase this movie you will not be disappointed.  It is seriously disturbing, yet you can relate to the main character, played by the fab Angela Bettis (Girl Interrupted).  To put it shortly, May is a woman that needs to feel complete.  She needs friends, and she wants a BF.  She changes herself to please other people, and quickly figures out that the original was MUCH better and stronger than the person they made her WANT to be.  What happens next?  Well, lets just say that blood drains quickly from an open wound.  Seriously!

Interested yet?  Check out the trailer (From: YouTube) here:

and another pic of the amazeballs Angela Bettis in character and on a killing spree:

The actress getting a neckjob may look familiar as well...Watch it! (From:

amanwithaview I'm NOT against male celeb nudity...AT ALL: June 28, 2012

Let's talk about the whole "celeb sex tape" fiasco of the past few years.  TG that is pretty much over with.  It was the thing to record yourself doing the nasty, and then having someone else leak it.  Their excuses that they accidentally sent it to this person or that, or they had their phone/cam stolen is complete BS.  Come on, the public KNOWS.  They wanted their name, and nakedness out there.  Sex sells, and it always has.  It was (hopefully ISN'T) the new form of prostitution.

Thankfully, things have calmed and we can get back to celebs posing for sexy photos.  Now THAT's something we can all appreciate, and look at without feeling like we're spying on things that we shouldn't be.  These male celebs have taken these LOVERLY shots in the hopes that we find them sexy, and NOT because we want to see their happy ending.  LOL!  Thankfully, we can do so without feeling like we need to take a shower after viewing.

That being typed...let's take a peek at some recent H.O.T. appearances by celebs and semi-celebs:

Adam Levine - Singer

I''d do more with my hands...Just sayin' (From:
This is a seriously ballsy move for him, and it was for a great reason (other than for sexual fantasy).  Good for him.  No...GOOD for us!  LOL!

David Beckham - SEXY BITCH/Soccer Star

Hey, we all have undies to sell, don't we?  Well, Beckham seems to be excelling at the sales of his and other famous designer's goods as well.  Although, I have one question.  Why do they all look like they have balloons filled with birdseed down their underpants?  I'm NOT complaining, but our packages do NOT look like that in our Armani undies.  Just sayin'...  Keep the ads coming, Becks.  Seen his H&M underwear ads?  Google them now!

Dieux du Stade - European rugby stars gone crazy for a yearly calendar

He really wants me to play rugby... (From:
Taking a page out of the fundraising "how-to" book, the European rugby leagues realized the monetary value of nakedness.  Why not photo all the players sans clothing, put them in a calendar, and sell the SH** out of it?  Hmmmm......SOLD!  I have one of the books from the series of calendars and it is HOT!  Really, I wouldn't care about seeing a match other than if they were all playing in these uniforms.  Oh to be a photographer.  

More to come...

The ORIGINAL Franco makes me think, and at the same time he's still a friggin' HOTTIE

The Hot Franco (From:
James Franco makes me jealous as all HELL!  He has the career that I would LITERALLY kill for.  Okay, maybe not literally, but I would def punch someone in the face.  That I could do.  Really tho...HOW THE HECK does he do it.  I mean, he does pretty much everything there is to do creatively.  Although, the one thing I haven't seen him do is dance professionally. Who knows?  That is probably next on his list.

So, interested as I am I googled his careers and found this list of projects and attempts he has made in all fields possible.  I am so so so so so VERY envious of his life.  He's educated (still going) and successful.  Pretty much my dream BF/husband material here, Ladies and Gentlemen.

WHAT THE F*** DOES HE NOT DO? The Franco just keeps going! (From:

What do you all think about James?  Any thoughts on the talent of the second Franco (his bro) who seemed to ride on his sibling's coattails right into the HW limelight?

And, just so you don't question his title as HOTTIE, here's further proof:

Hot for Gucci... (From:


These are NOT celebrities in need of the Snookie Alert!  They are worthy of your attention:

Martha Wainwright - Singer

Martha is the sister of Rufus, but no longer fills her time by singing back-up for her bro and has RIGHTLY moved into her own spotlight.  She's quickly become a favorite of David Letterman, and has sung numerous times on his show.  I've listened to her constantly since I met her at her bro's show, and she keeps amazing me with her creative voice (she has an amazing ability to sing multiple genres of music and make it work).  Check her out, below, singing her song When the Day is Short on Letterman: (From: YouTube)

Ben Chaplin - Actor

Ben has had a slew of films, since his first BIG American film, The Truth About Cats and Dogs.  Remember that one?  I do!  It's STILL one of my favs.  Especially since Janeane is in it as well.  Some of my personal favs, outside of Cats & Dogs, are Birthday Girl, Feast of July (SEE THIS FILM!), and Stage Beauty.  I'm sure a lot of you have seen his work, but you just haven't realized what a great performer he is.  He deserves more starring roles, and his gorgeous eyes make him one HOT actor to watch!  Just look at him...def the European version of "the guy next door." (Photo below from

Check Ben out at here: See which of Ben's films you've seen here! 

Greg Araki - Film Director

Araki is probably most famously known for discovering Rose McGowan and casting her in one of her best roles (aside from her AMAZEBALLS show Charmed of course!) in The Doom Generation.  I remember discovering his films in high school, and trolling EVERY video store in search of them.  His vision is kind of "other worldly" and he def has some drug-induced stylings going on in almost all of his movies.  If you want to see something more recent, yet sill being inclusive of his ballsy take on Hollywood filmmaking, check out Mysterious Skin with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the glorious Elisabeth Shue (speaking of whom...)  Mental note on Elisabeth TAKEN!

Araki at the Cannes Film Festival (From:
Greg's IMDB profiile can give you some great, detailed info on his work.  His earlier stuff is groundbreaking, as far as telling some gritty, gay stories on film.  Check him out here:

Milla Jovovich Should Be Your Goddess...Just sayin'!

We are ALL looking forward to the newest Resident Evil movie right?  Ok, well I am am!  So, I quickly glanced over Milla's IMDB profile to find out if I've missed some of her newer indie films.  Of course, I have missed a few!  However, the film Bringing Up Bobby really seems to be the most important to see.  It was shot in 22 days in Oklahoma, and it seems that her performance has gotten some good reviews. here I come!

Read some info on the film here! (From: IMDB)

Is it EVEN possible for Milla to NOT look fresh-faced? Damn, Grrrl! (From:
I don't really know why I have this fascination for Milla J.  It definitely wasn't the Blue Lagoon film that she did, which I found really perverse and wrong.  But, her work as a model, singer (she's one of my fav artists), and actress are all strong.  If you haven't heard her music, you should check it out.  She JUST released a new single called Electric Sky, which I've linked below.  Take a listen!  (From: YouTube)

If you have never heard her album The Divine Comedy, you must have just climbed out from under a rock (or the closet that your mother locked you in for your entire childhood).  So, follow the link below to her music at Amazon's MP3 download page:

Milla's Music that you should def check out NOW!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Just days until Matt "Boner" Bomer strips for us...UNTIL THEN

Due to the overwhelming he is again, in all his shirtless glory (he's even stripping a little bit right here for our eager eyes)

I took this when he got home yesterday... (From:
I can't really explain the effect that Mr. Boner has on people.  Oh wait a sec...


YUP, the pic above is EXACTLY why he has an effect on pretty much everyone.  DAMN IT!  Props to Mr. Boner's Hot Bod.  I give a definitive "SOMETHING"S" up.  AND, only to make matters worse, I read THIS post and have never wanted to be a female extra on a film SO SO SO BADLY:

Female extra gets to lick Bomer in places most of us can only dream of touching..BITCH! (From: Towleroad)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

One week until Magic Mike...

Pettyfer looking all hot and shi* (From:
I've posted Matt Boner...Bomer already, so here is Alex Pettyfer.  He stars as the "newbie" stripper under Channing's guidance.  He was the only good thing about the movie Beastly, and he wasn't too hard on the eyes there.  I'm looking forward to seeing....well, seeing MORE of him in Magic Mike.  But, now that I've typed the title of this movie so many times already, I'm beginning to think that it's pretty silly.  It is a male stripper movie, but come on.  I guess they could have called it Beefcake or something, so I guess it's a step up.

There are/were rumors that Alex has a tattoo symbolizing "thank you" above his unit.  He says this is not the case.  However, the pics below definitely show his tattoo.  Wonder what it means?  If you get a closer look, Peeps, please let us know.  And, what he says it means.  LOL.

Well, at least it's not a tramp stamp. It's just in the front instead of the back...(From: aceshowbiz,com)

amanwithaview Michael Fassbender is stirring my emotions

Official HOTTIE!

Too hot not to keep on this post...REALLY wishing that was my kitchen (From:

I want what's in that coat...Just sayin..(From:
I am hearing great things about his movie Shame, and I cannot wait to watch it when it comes out on DVD.  I tend to just wait for films to be released on DVD rather than head out and pay so much at the theater.  UNLESS it's something that I JUST cannot wait that long to see.  Below, Fassbender gives some insight into his character in Shame as only the BBC can provide (interviews are just more interesting when there are accents...they just are):

Michael speaks on his newest film (From:

If you are needing some Fassbender in your life right now, might I suggest running to Redbox and picking up Jane Eyre?  It's time WELL spent!  If not, enjoy this...

Umm...yum! (From:

amanwithaview REMEMBER JOSH LUCAS? You will NOW!

Josh Lucas most memorably came into our lives in the film Sweet Home Alabama with Reese Witherspoon (she's most famous for being silly enough to divorce Ryan Phillippe).  I'm sure the pic below has refreshed your memory:

Amazing eyes...(From:
His performance in The Deep End really was one of his best.  I can watch that film over and over again.  That reminds me that TILDA absolutely needs to have a post VERY soon.  She is beyond anything that I could possibly type.  But, back to Josh:

Wish I were there too...(From:
Nothing more to be said....HOTTIE


Wes Anderson's newest film called Moonrise Kingdom looks amazing!  By far, I've been most impressed with his film The Royal Tenenbaums (Gwyneth was amazeballs in it).  However, his new outing may surpass Tenenbaums...mostly due to the teaming of Bill Murray with Frances McDormand. How can it not be the funniest on-screen duo EVER?  Was Gwyn just too busy to commit to this?  I feel like it would have been THAT much more interesting if she had been included in some way.

Check out the trailer now: (From: YouTube)

There is A LOT to know about Frances McDormand, and I cannot possibly commit that much time to writing her biography here.  So, in order to supply you with some info on this HW staple (remember Burn After Reading?), here is a link to a great post on her that details her work in film and on the stage. No one quite touches her history in the entertainment industry.  One of my favorite films, with Frances starring, is Beyond Rangoon with Patricia Arquette (another fav of mine).  I'll do a post on that film soon!  Here's the link, followed by a pic of Frances and Bill in character for Moonrise:

Frances' Biography (From:

Bill, Frances, Eddie Norton, and BRUCE FRICKIN' WILLIS! (From:

amanwithaview Today's Snooki Alert Goes To...: June 24, 2012

Most appropriately...SNOOKI herself!  As a reminder, the Snooki Alert is sounded when certain "celebrities" simply need to disappear back into their normal lives with zero cameras anywhere near them.  Snooki, having done absolutely nothing to deserve a title anywhere close to "celebrity," should drop her TV baggage and simply retire.  The world does not need to see what her offspring is going to look like.  In fact, that could be the next national disaster.  This Snooki Alert should go worldwide.  We are all in extreme danger of losing brain cells.

Things that can frighten small children: Snooki looking like Snooki (From:

Saturday, June 23, 2012

amanwithaview "Oh, Andie!": June 23, 2012

"Oh, Andie," indeed!  Hot, hot, hot! (From:

So, with a bit of review, I am going to begin including some seriously reoccurring posts.  Here is one of the first themes that will appear again and again until I feel that I have updated my life on all things "Oh, Andie."  I seem to have missed a lot going on in Andie MacDowell's career.  Let's all catch up with her, shall we?

Today, I found something ultra interesting by finding a pic of her at the premier of Monte Carlo with her daughters.  It was the headline that caught my interest reading, "MacDowell's daughters have inherited her model looks."  I HAD TO READ IT.  Now you can too, and view the pics of her gorgeous girls:

Oh, Andie...and daughters at the premier of Monte Carlo (From:

It's refreshing to see a HW mother whose daughters appear at their mother's premiers and not in their own mugshots.  Good job, Andie!  Mothering A+!!!!

On a professional note, Andie stars in a film with Chazz Palminteri called mighty fine.  And, as you'll read in this NY Times review, Andie's daughter, Rainey Qualley, co-stars along with her mother.  As well, I was IMPRESSED to read that Janeane Garafalo also appears in this film.  SHI*, now I have to see this immediately!  Read for yourselves below:

Andie, her daughter, AND Janeane? I'm soooo there already! (From: NY Times)

Resident Evil: Retribution Trailer and I AM FREAKING OUT at how good it looks!

Milla Jovovich completely ROCKS, rocks, rocks my little world.  The first film was AMAZEBALLS, the second was nearly as great, the third had infected birds and fourth was almost unwatchable, but HOLY SHIZ this one looks like it's going to rule the universe!

Take a gander and judge for yourself.  Hopefully, you can appreciate a strong woman kicking a** for a living.  :P

This trailer is MUCH more intriguing than the teasers that have been released before.  The story is more apparent, with the beginning returning to the fact that Alice has, once again, been programmed.  She awakens only to realize she has been a part of a much bigger plan by the Umbrella Corporation.  Do I sound like a nerd yet?  Too bad.  Watch this, and be sure to catch up on the first four films before heading to the theater to see this one.  You will appreciate the journey all the more!

Out of the Game, yet still VERY much in it

At his piano, and looking lovely as ever! (From:
Rufus Wainwright on NPR for a VERY intimate conversation about his new music.  It includes a few AWESOME live performances of his new songs, including Out of the Game.  If you have about 30 free minutes, load this NPR interview up and take a listen.  Rufus never fails to give the best interviews, and this one doesn't falter.

NPR World Cafe - Rufus Wainwright on Out of the Game

NPR provides America with some of the very best radio programming, so if you don't already listen look it up!  The variety of programs is large, and you'll be able to find SOMETHING that perks your ears up.  TRUST ME!  If you like it, show your support and donate nationally or to your state's public radio.  All are extremely supportive of local arts, and by providing their programming with funds directly supports your local artists as well.

Support NPR here!!!!!! Click the red link at the very top of the page! Check out the site for programming!

"Stealing the flame from the flamers"  Rufus actually says this in the interview and giggles about it when talking about marriage equality!  LOL!

Boys on the Side - The Best Movie You've Probably Never Seen

To be honest...

Poster (From:
I'm surprised that I haven't filled this blog with all the tidbits of news that I know about Drew Barrymore.  I have one post so far regarding her new marital bliss.  She is, perhaps, the most endearing star out there.   She has great business sense, she's survived all the bullshi* of HW, partied with Courtney Love and lived to tell the tale, dated a bunch of HOTTIES, and has proven herself as a powerhouse in film making.

So, it is with great pride that I share the trailer for her film Boys on the Side co-starring Whoopi and Mary Louise Parker.  I have watched this film millions (jesting of course) of times, but it is with fond memories that I recall the first 5 (YES FIVE!!!) times that I saw it in the theatre.  I was in Santa Clara, CA and drove to my fav theatre in San Jose all five times.  I went that many times because the experience of viewing films in California theaters is much like live theater.  People laugh OUT LOUD, aren't afraid to show emotion, CHEER for the great parts, and cry like a river when the film's sad.  And, that is exactly what I did when I watched this film.  Cried like a baby at the end each time.  I'm not afraid to admit that I still get teary-eyed watching it.

Here you go: (From: YouTube)

Your thoughts?

I just pi**ed my pants in elation!!

James Bond in Skyfall will once again be sporting:

(From: Casino Royale)
This image 'caused multiple hot flashes for women AND men.  One of the sexiest moments on film, and it merely consists of Craig emerging from the ocean in a pair of simple black trunks.  The difference?  One fabulous, rockin' bod...that's what.

And, then I find this:  (my heart jumped..ok..that wasn't my heart)

Skyfall photo (From:

Raise of "hands" if you're as stoked about this as I am?  Shut up.  I have a life...Oh wait.

Matt Boner...Oh wait...Matt Bomer is A-OK in my book!

Careful of existing heart conditions, 'cause this guy is going to break yours.

Matt in all his wet t-shirt glory. (From:

You know Matt from the USA show White Collar, which (even though he's irresistible) I was never able to get that much into.  I saw about 2 episodes, and just wasn't buyin' it.  However, I JUST cannot stop looking at him.

Plus, he just won an award for "Most Fashionable Father" in NY.  He's out and proud, and unfortunately attached already.  Damn it!  FML!  I wouldn't have a chance in hell anyhow.  He's just too fuc*ing HOT.  Seriously...I'm all worked up.

This post was just a chance for me to see a cute pic of him again, and dream a little dream (or two).  Am I overestimating his HOTNESS?  Your thoughts....

Click here for 20 MORE sultry photos of M. Bomer. Check your pants, boys. (From:

Watch for him in Magic Mike, opening very soon.  Oh, and that Channing guy is in it as well.  Meh...

amanwithaview IN CASE YOU HADN'T HEARD ALREADY: June 23, 2012

Today's HIT LIST for THIS IS NEWS?:  June 23, 2012

Another crazy Christian filled with hate...Christ doesn't hate. You hate. (From: Towleroad)

Delicious Patrick Wilson joins a series on HBO...find out which one here! (From: Dark Horizons)

It's Miley Cyris, Y'all! You may want to skip this one if you want to keep your eyesight in tact. She's so sexy, Y'all. (From: Eeek!

In case you need to know which celebs have had sex recently (in regards to a previous post of mine) LOL! (From:

Fergie needed to get a headline. Admits to having...LASAGNA! OMFG! (From:

Sophie Ellis Bextor - Get Over You...Sorry, Sophie. I haven't gotten over you yet.

amanwithaview MUST SEE AND HEAR FOR TODAY:  June 23, 2012

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Sure, this video is NOT the newest...however, it is a must see.  I cannot tell you how many times I have requested this video to be played, while enjoying a few cocktails at certain bars with certain VJs.  The song, by Sophie Ellis Bextor (one of my favs), is a great pick-me-up.  Not a cruising sort of pick-me-up...Oh can be just that.  Ha.  I guess.

I'm posting this in the hopes that you can all discover her and enjoy her music as much as I do.  Plus, the visuals of the video are very cool.  The director did a superb job, and I think that the entire idea (at the time) was fresh and inventive.  Sort of a take on myself with a reference to that film, but who DID NOT LOVE Samantha...Oh wait...I mean, Kim Cattrall in that movie?  Come on, admit it, Bi*ches! and enjoy!  Love you, Sophie.  Please make another inventive vid like this one soon. I need some more fun in my life.  Besides hearing Adele's songs on the radio OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.  Enough already!

Straights and their PREGNANCY announcements...

amanwithaview My Thoughts, Your Thoughts:  June 23, 2012

A shirtless Marsden?  OK! (From:
All in all, this post will be regarding this HOTTIE known as James Marsden.  Yesterday, the "news" was abuzz that James impregnated his first GF after his divorce.  And, while the sight of more pics of him got me remembering two REALLY good films that he has made, it also got me thinking of these pregnancy announcements.  Some very funny thoughts actually...

It seems to me, lately, I get much more excited to hear of couples adopting children.  It's not only because of the fact that they are providing a home to a child that otherwise wouldn't have had much of a chance at a fulfilled life.  It's more because of the fact that when I hear straight couples announce that they're "having" a baby, the only thing I really hear is, "Hey, y'all.  We fuc*ed and now we're mixing our gene pools."  Mostly, my eyes graze the faces and bodies of the couple, and begin to wonder if this is GOOD news.  Then, I just want to ask whether or not they considered adoption first.  Oh wait...I don't get that far, because I know the answer - they were just horny and the booze made them forget neither of them had protection.

Just saying...

Back to what MATTERS about Mr. Marsden.  He has made two films that I find super interesting.  Have you seen The 24th Hour starring Marsden and Scott Speedman?  If not, and you're gay or an ally with a hunger for REALLY well done storytelling, that shi* immediately.  I won't give away the plot, other than it involves holding James captive for most of the film.  The premise of the film is amazing, and I really want to see the stage play now.

Read more about The 24th Hour here:

IMDB post on The 24th Hour...Yummy (From:

The second film is Heights, which co-stars Glenn Close AND Rufus Wainwright.  Yes, you read right...Wainwright.  And, the results are good..VERY good.  This is a story of secrets, and Marsden's got a good one.

Again, the storytelling, mixed with excellent cinematography, make this film stand out from all the HW (Hollywood) blockbusters that Marsden has been a part of.  Not to say that those weren't thoroughly enjoyable due to his mug being visible throughout, but these two films are a notch above in actually caring about the story being told.

Check our more about Heights at IMDB as well - here:

Oh, has Elizabeth Banks in it as well. Heights details here. (From:

Friday, June 22, 2012

Not To Be MISSed....Watch this or miss out completely!

Chloe Sevigny stars in Hit and Miss as a pre-op, transgendered hit woman.  I CANNOT wait to see this!  Read about this in her most recent interview in...Oh wait...Interview magazine.

Hit and Miss Trailer from YoutTube

Watch the trailer for the UK-produced series coming to DirectTV as it's newest series.  And, I have to say that this is the ballsiest series I have seen in a VERY, VERY, VERY looooong time.  Let alone the fact that Chloe is starring in it.

Lots of people know her from Big Love, however it is her indie film work that stands out to me.  She has EXTREME talent, and this is the BEST, BEST, BEST vehicle for her to prove it.   Again...cannot wait to watch (and own) this.

Watch and learn.  Chloe is back, and in a big pre-op way.  Below is a link to an interesting post from the transgender perspective.  Are you as interested as I am to watch this?  I hope so!

Hit and Miss pre-release review from the transgender perspective (From:

Ryan Phillippe's got a new gig...and a bod to die for

amanwithaview Cutie-Patootie of the Day:  June 22, 2012

RP and his eyes...(From:

Seen the movie 54?  How about I Know What You Did Last Summer (the first one)?  Well, Ryan's got a new gig and he's directing as well as starring in it.  I could really care less about the film, except for the fact that the world gets to see more of him.  And by more, I mean MOOOORE.  LOL!

I REEEAAALLLY enjoy him in all the fitness mags.  I have a few of them (Shut up!  Ok. ALL of them).  He was on the cover of Inked not long ago.  Seriously enjoyable read...Oh wait...seriously enjoyable pics.  Can't help it...shirtless pics of Ryan Phillippe are to be admired.  Just are, and that's why there seem to be so very many of them.

Poor Reese...why ever did you give that up?  I would NEVER stop hittin' it...Just sayin'.

Read about his new film here:

RP's new project, and I couldn't be more excited. Hope his shirt goes missing! (From: Dark Horizons)

amanwithaview IN CASE YOU HADN'T HEARD ALREADY: June 22, 2012

Personal hero of the week...Karen (From:

This is seriously unnerving!  First discovered this story on FB, and found this follow up story via  IN CASE YOU HADN'T HEARD ALREADY...other people's kids are a**holes.  This story has gone viral, and it should.

People are quick to blame the schools for incidents like this.  However, who is really to blame?  Are your fingers pointing at the parents yet, because they should be.  We shouldn't only punish the children, PUNISH the parents.  They obviously found their parenting manual via  Thankfully, GREAT parents and humanitarians from all around the country are donating to her retirement cause.  At first it was a fund set up to send her on a major vacay, but it's now become so much more.  I think each one of those disgusting excuses for children should be responsible for donating (that is their pathetic parents, who are all probably living off public funds) to her fund.

Here's the post which contains a great interview from Anderson Cooper (dreamy) in which he talks to the adorable woman who was tortured while doing her job as a bus monitor in NY:

Karen Klein speaks with the Silver Fox on his show (From: Towleroad)

Thank you, Bruce Weber!

amanwithaview Props for June 22, 2012:

One of Bruce's images (From:

Today's props go to Bruce Weber, famed photographer and filmmaker most noted for the hotness of the A&F imagery, has always inspired me (but A&F for the most part annoys me with it's ignorance).  They DID get props from me for telling The Situation to no longer wear their clothing. BIG LOLs!  Bruce's work varies greatly, but his most successful seems to be capturing the male form in all it's natural glory.  Scratch that...gym-induced glory.  Albeit, the youth factor of the models usually AND greatly influences the hotness of the photos.  So, that being said...

I have two favorite French sites that I check daily.  JUST TO WARN YOU.  Both are NSFW!  That's mostly why they're hot. Mostly...

Today's HOT LINK OF THE DAY is from  You may not be able to read the text of the post, but you'll appreciate the view anyhow.  Unless you're a straight male.  You'll then feel a little crappy about your physique.  Enter at your own risk:

Bruce Weber for Giorgio Armani...Hot guy on the beach inspires sales once again (From: acausedesgarcons)

The second French site is more porny.  Just sayin'...don't judge!  Haters.  For more shamelessly hot male imagery go to L'Homme Est Un Concept here:

I warned you! NSFW, unless you just don't care.