Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Something to look forward to...HEY, WHERE THE HELL IS CATWOMAN?

(From: JustJared) Click here to see the amazing new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises!

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This is going to make my summer!  I must admit that I favor Catwoman from Batman Returns.  She was completely badass, and would kick anybody's butt just for fun.  However, from the two previous trailers, for the newest Batman film, I have yet to see Catwoman appear as anything but a curious love-interest for the titular character.  I did see a glimpse of her knocking a guy to the ground...but, come on!  She better open a severe can of whoop ass in this film, or they haven't done the character justice.  Anne Hathaway was a perfect casting choice.  She's proven herself on film, and this will be a definite departure from her goody-two-shoes representations in film.  

Another thing missing...WHERE THE HELL IS HER WHIP?  It had better make an appearance.  I'm gay, but this woman wielding a whip (alliteration and all) turns me on.  I would have sex with Catwoman!  Oh wait...did that just come out of my fingertips?  Yes.  Yes, it did.  If only for the fact that if she wanted to, she'd kick my ass until I agreed to do so.  I guess I will have to wait and see what the film unveils.  For now, I will dream of a Catwoman out for revenge. She'll hold her own against the bad guys, whipping them into submission.  Whipping me into submission...

And, then there's Christian Bale.  He may be in my vivid Batdreams as well.  They're getting more sexual by the second.  Catwoman, move over...Batman's at my bedroom door.  A boy can dream, can't he?  Yes.  Yes, he can.

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