Thursday, June 21, 2012

I now wish that they had NEVER invented tanning salons...

amanwithaview says, "Old News IS Good News!"  June 21, 2012:

Marky Mark is all-to-happy to receive his spray tan, and I'm all-too-happy to watch :) (From:
Seriously, though.  Think about all the imagery that could be thrust upon us, as the public, if everyone on earth would spray tan on their verandas instead of hitting those showers at the tanning booths.  I agree that spraying seems to be a healthier choice than fake-baking yourself to death.  AND, I fully support that everyone get in their undies, step outside, and let some cutie spray you down until you look like you've just gotten home from hitting the beach.

So, let's start a petition.  Everyone in Hollywood should do as Mark does.  Click the link below to see what I'm typing about.

Instead of dropping his pants, Mark gets a spray tan without them. No arguments from me! (From:

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