Saturday, June 30, 2012

amanwithaview SHUE IS A SHOE-IN FOR A REKINDLED CAREER June 30, 2012

Remember Elisabeth Shue?  Aside from Piranah 3D?

Hot Girl, Shue, has Left Las Vegas... (From:
According to IMDB, Elisabeth has snagged some relatively BIG roles coming up.  The most interesting to see will be her role in Hope Springs with Meryl Streep!  Holy crap!  Piranah was good for something, right?  She stepped right back into the casting rooms after that happened.  I am REALLY looking forward to seeing House at the End of the Street now that I know Shue's in it.  Jennifer Lawrence who?  I haven't even seen Hunger Games, and won't be running out the door to do so....unless Elisabeth gets a role in the sequel.  Then, definitely!

If you're unsure of Shue's abilities, see Leaving Las Vegas and it'll change your minds.  Let alone that she ROCKED IT in Adventures in Babysitting (or as I call it...Adventures in Sitting on Babies) a long, long time ago.  Plus, her bro was a total HOTTIE on Melrose Place.  See Andrew Shue below:

Uh...Yummy (From:
So, I guess what I'm saying is that the remainder of 2012, and the entire year of '13 is going to be the year of Elisabeth Shue, and you should all just prepare yourselves.  Or, at least I'm hoping that Shue will break out once more, because HW needs a bit of class mixed in with these tween-gone-HW-Disney-singersgoneacting-flakes like Gomez, Cyrus, Bieber, Swifts...Just sayin'!!!!!

Check out what Elisabeth's got in the works HERE! (From: IMDB)

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