Saturday, June 23, 2012

Out of the Game, yet still VERY much in it

At his piano, and looking lovely as ever! (From:
Rufus Wainwright on NPR for a VERY intimate conversation about his new music.  It includes a few AWESOME live performances of his new songs, including Out of the Game.  If you have about 30 free minutes, load this NPR interview up and take a listen.  Rufus never fails to give the best interviews, and this one doesn't falter.

NPR World Cafe - Rufus Wainwright on Out of the Game

NPR provides America with some of the very best radio programming, so if you don't already listen look it up!  The variety of programs is large, and you'll be able to find SOMETHING that perks your ears up.  TRUST ME!  If you like it, show your support and donate nationally or to your state's public radio.  All are extremely supportive of local arts, and by providing their programming with funds directly supports your local artists as well.

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"Stealing the flame from the flamers"  Rufus actually says this in the interview and giggles about it when talking about marriage equality!  LOL!

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