Thursday, June 28, 2012

I want you to think about May in a brand new way. It's not just a month, but a FANTASTIC film as well!

Angela Bettis is a HOT beyotch that will F*** you up! (From:
For YEARS, I have forced friends and new acquaintances to watch the movie May.  It is nothing short of genius.  Lucky, the director, had a vision to make a horror film in the indie genre that not only worked, but it succeeded it's predecessors in thrills, twists, and general WTF moments.

To say I'm a bit obsessed is putting it lightly.  I spent and entire day making May's outfit for Halloween one year, and never felt that I got it right.  But, it was fun feeling like the main character of this film for an entire haunted evening (cooler full of body parts and all).

Each person, that I've mentioned this film to, has LOVED it.  That is why I am confident that if you rent/download/purchase this movie you will not be disappointed.  It is seriously disturbing, yet you can relate to the main character, played by the fab Angela Bettis (Girl Interrupted).  To put it shortly, May is a woman that needs to feel complete.  She needs friends, and she wants a BF.  She changes herself to please other people, and quickly figures out that the original was MUCH better and stronger than the person they made her WANT to be.  What happens next?  Well, lets just say that blood drains quickly from an open wound.  Seriously!

Interested yet?  Check out the trailer (From: YouTube) here:

and another pic of the amazeballs Angela Bettis in character and on a killing spree:

The actress getting a neckjob may look familiar as well...Watch it! (From:

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