Tuesday, June 19, 2012

That Dog reunites and I wasn't invited? WTF?

Today's Sharing is Caring VERY IMPORTANT Post:


This is That Dog performing at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, and I was NOT in the crowd.  But...I should have been.  I love this song "He's Kissing Christian," for very obvious reasons.

The 90's, for me, were years filled with a severe dedication to their music.  Their cds were the soundtrack to my life then.  I saw them, and met them, at 1st Avenue in Minneapolis.  The show was amazing, as they opened for Blur.  Petra and Rachel were super sweet, and talked to me for quite a bit at the show.  I stood close to the stage (Stage Left) and anxiously awaited for the band to walk by me.  I was shaking like a meth-head nervous for the next fix.  I couldn't have cared less that Blur was there, even though they put on a great set as well.

You can imagine my disappointment, when I went onto YouTube and googled that dog just for fun, and discovered the fact that the band was performing together again.  Disappointment, because this video is from last month.  HOW DID I NOT HEAR ABOUT THIS?  I am "SO FRIGGIN' EXCITED!"

Watch the video, and you'll find out why.  Comments are to be expected, btw.  I feel like a teeny-bopper again today!

That Dog - 1993
Totally Crushed Out - 1995
Retreat From The Sun - 1997
??? - 2012 (In my wildest dreams!!)

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