Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ryan Reynolds - Is there anything better in the world?

I've never wanted to be a motorcycle MORE in my life:

Just going for a ride... (From:
So, it occurred to me today that Ryan is a HOTTIE, just as I've believed since Blade: Trinity.  Plus, he's got a wicked sense of humor.  That's probably the whipped cream on top of the very SEXY sundae that Mr. Reynolds whips up every day of his life.  Seriously, how does one achieve this extreme amount of hotness?  It's completely unfair, unjust, and IMMENSELY entertaining to behold.

Need proof?  OK...

Can I borrow your axe, Mr. Reynolds?  (From:
Ummm...yah...ok...that's pretty nice.  How about this?

Yes, I would like a walk on the beach...thank you.  (From:
Ok...he's a pretty FINE actor as well.  I do mean F.I.N.E.  I'd watch him on Teletubbies.  I'd watch him on Gossip Girl, and I DON'T watch that.  Hell, I'd watch him blowing bubbles for three hours.  Just sayin'.

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