Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Need Hollywood casting/film news? Try Dark Horizons!

For years and years, I have followed the site Dark Horizons for casting news.  I have always had a hunger to know what my favorite celebs have signed on for next.  And, I can tell you that this site has it all!  I don't know where they get their facts, but they are ALWAYS right on.  Sure, you can check IMDB, but it seems that now you need to sign up to get the info that was always FREE before.  Big-time-bummer, MR. or MRS. IMDB!  Oh well, doesn't matter anyhow.  I have!

And, wouldn't you know it?!?!?  Just now, Dark Horizons has an update on Cam "I've seen his butt" Gigandet! (See previous post on said brutally sexy star.) Perfect for an example of what the site can supply you with:

Cam Gigandet is joining Emily Browning in Catherine Hardwicke's thriller "Plush." Hardwicke will produce, direct and co-write.
Gigandet plays a psychic psychologist who delves into the minds of patients and sees their memories in order to help them unleash past demons. He meets his match in Browning's character, who shares his gift.
So, check the site out, because you NEVER know what you'll find out.  If I've followed it for over 4 years, you can trust it to be a worthy source of Hollywood news and NOT GOSSIP.

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