Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Seriously Hot Hollywood Cutie-Patootie Missing for 2nd Time (Sad Face)

Not that I appreciated the tone of the post, but this makes me sad (From: dlisted)

Missing - Check your milk cartons (From:
I think that, lately, Hollywood needs to come up with it's own alert system.  Kids have the Amber Alert, so why can't we come up with something for missing Hollywood "celebs?"  We can call it the Snookie Alert.  Then, we'll all know to ignore it, and hope those who should never have been in the limelight before will disappear into their normal lives once more (without cameras around EVER AGAIN)!

Oh wait...I actually LIKE Nick Stahl, and think his celebrity should be "celebrated."  This is sad.  I hope that, if he does have issues with drugs, he gets some help asap.  If you didn't watch him in the television series Carnivale, then you missed out.  Let's all hope that he reappears, and begins to make some more decent films like his AMAZING film In the Bedroom.

Perez Hilton needs his own Snookie Alert ASAP!  Someone take him to the desert and drop him off please.  Nick Stahl come back to Hollywood.

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