Saturday, June 30, 2012

Aaron Johnson, from Kick-Ass, is a married father of two? HUH?

Alright, I only knew of him from the film, but then I googled him...OMFG...wha...I can'!

I wondered if this is real...(From:
I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE ANXIOUS FOR A SEQUEL than I am right now.  HW, let's make this happen like tomorrow.  And, please forget shirts in costuming.  Those won't be needed.

Seriously.  Kick-Ass was a pretty kick-ass film and I didn't really think much of this unknown kid who was playing the lead.  Plus, Hit Girl stole the show as she will do in the sequel as well.  However, Aaron has some interesting gigs coming up, so I will give him a chance to show us all what he can do.  Who knows?  Maybe he'll do a psycho-sexual thriller and amuse those who've seen his modeling photos.  Just sayin'...

Hello, Aaaaaaaaaron.  I'm amanwithaview, and it's QUITE the view! (From:

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