Saturday, June 23, 2012

Matt Boner...Oh wait...Matt Bomer is A-OK in my book!

Careful of existing heart conditions, 'cause this guy is going to break yours.

Matt in all his wet t-shirt glory. (From:

You know Matt from the USA show White Collar, which (even though he's irresistible) I was never able to get that much into.  I saw about 2 episodes, and just wasn't buyin' it.  However, I JUST cannot stop looking at him.

Plus, he just won an award for "Most Fashionable Father" in NY.  He's out and proud, and unfortunately attached already.  Damn it!  FML!  I wouldn't have a chance in hell anyhow.  He's just too fuc*ing HOT.  Seriously...I'm all worked up.

This post was just a chance for me to see a cute pic of him again, and dream a little dream (or two).  Am I overestimating his HOTNESS?  Your thoughts....

Click here for 20 MORE sultry photos of M. Bomer. Check your pants, boys. (From:

Watch for him in Magic Mike, opening very soon.  Oh, and that Channing guy is in it as well.  Meh...

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